Bridal Veil Falls Waterfall Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

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Amazing Falls and Beautiful location, a must visit for Families !

Rating – 5/5

This is a nice little spot located pretty close to the city of Hope. From the parking area it’s a nice little walk of around 20 minutes among the natural surroundings. It’s not too steep however at the same it is not too stroller friendly though kids can still walk up to the base of the waterfall without a lot of trouble.

As you approach the falls you can hear the thumping sound of water preparing you with an anticipation of a huge fall and to be honest it doesn’t really disappoint though it ranks as the 38th highest in Canada but it’s still quite a sight. As it comes down a height of 122 metres, it’s width increases as it comes down and thereby creates a veil like effect. The viewing area is not too big but can easily accommodate 8-10 people.
We were in more than an adventurous mood on the day we visited and we climbed up to the spot where falls hit the ground from the top. The experience of witnessing the falls near the top was simply amazing and it was a sight to behold with water stream gushing down heavily. I would like to warn that after climbing up we saw that the water flow was really quick and if one is not careful then there’s a great chance of a serious injury. Also while coming down we found it a bit tough as you could easily skid while coming down and seriously injure yourself.

This is a must visit spot if you’re near Chilliwack visiting the Tulips Valley or on the way to Harrison Hot Springs.

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