Gulberg Fine Cuisine, Surrey

It needs to be your lucky day !

Rating – 3.5/5

In 2013-2014 when I was in Vancouver for nearly an year for an office assignment I visited Gulberg around 3-4 times. I loved what was on offer in my first visit, an all you can eat buffet lunch on a Saturday for about 14$ which was a real steal considering it had Tandoori chicken, mutton curry, Paneer tikka masaala, onion and potato pakodas, mix veg curry and my all time favourite chicken Biryani.

When you consider the Biryani alone can cost atleast 10$ on an average at competing restaurants it was indeed a very good deal to find a quality Biryani in a buffet like this.

Now coming to the luck part of it, I could have rated them atleast 4.5 based on a couple of encounters however based on another couple of outings it would be difficult to even rate them average as the preparations were so ordinary.

So its like rotating a wheel of Fortune, if you’re lucky enough when you visit you might have a very good time and at other times it may turn out to be an average experience. In a nutshell the quality is not consistent here but it’s worth taking a risk and giving it a shot by all means atleast once.

The Ambience is fairly Ok and the service is workable most of the times.

It’s basically a Pakistani restaurant with almost all of them being of Pakistani descent including the cooking staff and it really surprises me that not once I felt that I am eating anything different from the Indian food I usually eat. This is to underline that Indian and Pakistani food is so similar in taste and preparation especially the Non vegetarian items.

A number of times I saw their Arab speaking Patrons enjoying the same food fare which just shows that the Indian/Pakistani food is famous and loved by all if prepared the right way. A lot of times I see people completely washing down the food with hardly any spices to suit the local taste but then it gives rise to a serious identity crisis where the food authenticity goes completely out of the window!

In Gulberg you won’t exactly find a typical spicy Indian Style food but you can take comfort from the fact that it does have spices, a little on the milder side but the preparation is more or less fairly authentic.

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