Harrison Lake & Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs

DSC07165 DSC07172 DSC07194 DSC07242 DSC07246 DSC07252
Scenic views and Beautiful Lake !
Rating – 5/5

Among the serene and natural surroundings you have the view of Snow capped mountains in background with blue colored water lake in the foreground !! It’s absolutely a sight to behold, it has an adequate playing area for kids, clean washrooms and boating facilities in Summer.
Nearby is a public pool with Natural hot springs and is a different kind of experience that is definitely recommended. Parking could get a little challenging on weekends however if you look around close by it shouldn’t be impossible to find a spot.

There are a number of dining outlets located fairly close to the lake with Village Pizzeria serving some of the yummilicious pizzas that you can taste ever.

The charm of the place is further accentuated by a ramp where you could just sit and enjoy the outstanding views all around.

In a nutshell, it’s a lot of fun for a Day’s outing, located around a 90 minutes drive away from Vancouver to be enjoyed with family and friends 🙂

Visited April 2014

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