House of Dosas Kensington, Vancouver

Inhospitable staff in hospitality business !

Rating – 3/5

Sorry to begin on a negative note but it needs to be emphasized that the service and attitude of the serving staff needs major renovations here. C’mon guys please buck up on this front because the food you serve is fairly good but kindly remember that yours is not the only place serving what you serve and there’s enough competition around so here’s hoping that you do realize the importance of being courteous and don’t take your patrons for granted.

Coming to the ambience, it’s fairly basic and the seating alright. Don’t think I need to mention anything more on the service.

Some of the good items I have had here are Chicken 65, chicken vindaloo dosa (spicy), masala dosa and the chicken biryani was good as well.

If I had to just rate on the food I would have definitely rated them at least 4/5 because the dosas are very tasty and the accompanying sambhar tastes fairly authentic. Haven’t had too many dosas of this quality in Vancouver so a big thumbs up for the cooking staff.

I wish only if the front staff and a young fellow at the counter were doing their job as seriously as their cooks then it would just have been a perfect combination.

If you could neglect the rather indifferent attitude of folks all around then its definitely a value for your money place and huge thumbs up for the taste and authenticity of the cuisine!

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