Krishna’s Dosa Grill Whalley, Surrey


A Biryani to die for!

Rating – 4.5/5

The name is Krishna’s Dosa Grill – a typical South Indian Restaurant in Surrey, BC. As the name suggests you can expect authentic south indian food like uthapam, dosa, idli, sambhar etc which I kind of like but not a die hard fan however my wife absolutely loves her dosa & idli so I can’t argue with the headquarters and so I relunctantly went there for the first time a couple of years ago.

However I am glad that I did because in doing so I discovered the Best Biryani (Goat Biryani) I ever had, I come from India and I can vouch that it’s an amazing rice preparation of it’s kind and is a Tamil (Chettinad preparation) variant of my favourite dish 🙂

It’s totally a VFM place and the owner “Rajan” is absolutely a gem of a host ! Do give a visit if you like South Indian food, other than Biryani my all time favourites are Chicken 65, Chicken Vindaloo Dosa (spicy) and the old school Masala Dosa.

I used to visit this place every alternate week or so when I was in Canada.

For all the locals that are still out there, please go for this as you have an absolute gem right there and I don’t get food of this taste and quality back here in India as well, go ahead and have fun 🙂

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