Saffron Indian Cuisine Central Burnaby, Burnaby

Used to be a good Indian Cuisine option, still doing alright!
Rating – 3/5

The first time I had a lunch buffet at Saffron was way back in 2008 when I was visiting the lovely city of Vancouver. Back in the good old days the food items did have flavors like somewhat close to authentic Indian cuisine.

However over the years what I found is the taste has watered down considerably and is now mostly devoid of any Indian spices.

I understand the local people don’t eat too much of spicy food but being amply spiced doesn’t mean that it should be overdosed with chillies. One could have good spicy food without it being chilly and I wish someone can remind them that they used to serve some really good authentic Indian food.

Lunch buffet during the weekdays is an economical option and usually Tandoori chicken is alright but is devoid of proper marination. So once you’re done with the outer roasted covering of chicken whatever is left in the rest of the layers is completely bland. However you will do alright by having this with their awesome green chutney (mint sauce preparation)

Their butter chicken is too sweet so please don’t have any high hopes and all the people getting introduced to Indian cuisine, this is not how the butter chicken is supposed to taste.

Their onion pakodas are usually nice and good to have with the mint chutney.

Another good item on the menu is the Samosa, I have never failed to have atleast a couple of them during my numerous outings.

My favourite items from their once authentic Indian Menu were chicken vindaloo and Paneer gravy preparations, these dishes are still the best compared to the rest of the buffet fare.

In desserts, they usually have Gulab Jamuns which are always better if served hot.

Their kheer (rice pudding) is quite alright but is a little less sweet. Their other fruit custard like dessert is fairly ok as well. They also have fruits like pineapples and melons to accompany the desserts.

There is also an assortment of veggies/cold chicken cuts along with dressings available to make up for that Okayish salad preparation.

It’s best to have the lunch buffet during weekdays (around 15 CAD) due to the offered price in comparison to dinner or buffets on the weekends.

It’s definitely not the best Indian restaurant in Metro Vancouver or in Burnaby for that matter.

However for a slightly above average lunch buffet that doesn’t quite burn a hole in your pocket this isn’t a bad option at all, but beware this is not exactly close to authentic Indian food.

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