Polka Dots, Kalyani Nagar, Pune – Zomato Foodie meetup Night !

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The Zomato meetup Night at Polka Dots!

Rating – 3.5/5

As is customary with Zomato meetups, it’s usually a fun time where you get to eat, greet and meet some new and a few familiar fellow foodies.
This meetup was no different and it was a fun filled evening indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ Therefore I always look up to these events and try not to miss them as far as possible.

Special thanks goes out to Vaishnavi Meghe, Surabhi Agarwal and Team Zomato for arranging these meetups and ofcourse the Polka Dots management headed by Mr.Raveesh along with his dedicated and ever smiling team.

The location and Ambience – 3/5.

The first impressions – this place is located in Kalyani Nagar after Bishop’s co-ed school towards the underpass to Viman Nagar. As I arrived at 7pm I struggled a bit for car parking as there were a number of cars already lined up in front and around the location. I got lucky as one car moved out and I was able to park.
Talking about the Ambience, the seating is semi-open, the surroundings felt clean and hygienic with about 8-10 tables setup for the patrons. However to be honest the Ambience was pretty basic but quite workable.

Service and VFM

Since this was an event sponsored by Zomato the service expectedly was on the mark and we didn’t have to wait for anything in particular once the service started. However I am not rating them for this very reason as afterall service was supposed to be good. In terms of VFM, I have seen their menu and the prices are quite reasonable and we have tasted their stuff today so it can easily be rated at 4/5.

Food and drinks – 3.5/5

Mocktail – 2.5/5, We started with mocktails and I opted for Curious Citrus mocktail that promised kiwi and couple more ingredients but somehow the mint leaves within the drink overpowered everything else and in the end I can say that for a mint Mocktail it was good but not for the ingredients that were promised in the description. It was served in an interesting jar like glass and the quantity was good.

The starters – 3/5

We were presented with a piece each of some of their starters as below:

Buffalo chicken wings – 3.5/5, the wings were pretty good as the juices below the crunchy coating were maintained and one good part was the fact that it wasn’t too tangy.

Lamb keftedes – 3/5, this was pretty okay but I felt it could have had more prominent flavors as it came off a little too subtle for my taste buds.

Chicken jujjey kebab – 2.5/5, I had a lot more expectations from this preparation, the chicken was tender alright but it mostly felt bland to be honest.

Caribbean Bbq chicken – 4/5, this was the better of all the starters and it was a new taste for me to experience which I liked as well.

Soup – 3.5/5, the Tom kha gai Soup with Chicken was flavorful, though it was promised to be spicy but I would be surprised if it has ever burnt any tongue, to say it was aptly spiced will be a fair statement.

Salads – 3/5

There were two varieties of salads served, both quite alright and did their job for the munching/crunching while the main course was getting served, however nothing that would especially prompt me to give a revisit ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Main course – 4.5/5

Jamaican Citrus pan fried pomfret – This was the best dish of the evening and I could have written the whole review around it but controlling my sentiments I would like to describe in short. The fish felt really fresh, it was tender yet crunchy at the same time – Chef Dharmesh deserves a lot of credit for that. The green tinged, soft and fluffy mashed potatoes and veggies served as able accompaniments with the preparation and I enjoyed every bit of my meal. Huge thumbs up for the preparation and this can definitely make me come back here for like a zillion times ๐Ÿ™‚

Chicken Geschnetzeltes – I hope I got the spelling right before my z2’s spell check goes for a toss and I am not even trying to pronounce the name, not at this ungodly hour past midnight as I am writing this review ๐Ÿ˜‰ However trust me this preparation was pretty good as well with a tasty and thick sauce which was quite awesome though the only slight glitch was the fact that chicken could have been more tender here.

Teriyaki chicken – This definitely bagged the most well presented dish of the evening and looked quite appetizing though I thought taste wise it wasn’t quite the best of the lot but workable.

Desserts – 3/5

The Orange Cointreau Creme Brulee was worth tasting and the only fair part of the desserts on offer. It came with a crust on top and a softish surface underneath with a sour orange taste at the last layer. It evoked more than a few flavors in one single bite which was quite welcoming.

Rest of the two desserts Banana walnut crumble and Ferraro Rocher tart were at best average.

In a nutshell it was a fun filled dinner and the overall experience was good and in the company of fellow like minded foodies there’s never a dull moment on the table!

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