Vij’s Fairview Vancouver

Much ado about nothing!

Rating – 2.5/5

Vij’s indeed is a chick place with a well stocked bar, happening kind of ambience, pretty expensive, thronged by all kind of people and not just Indians.

However what Vij’s indeed is not – it’s not an authentic Indian food joint by any stature of imagination. I don’t think they claim the place to be authentic Indian style food as well and it’s more of a fusion kind but let me clarify, whatever is being fused here is not at all an Indian taste, enough for setting the expectations I guess.

They don’t take reservations on phone and if you can’t reach by 5pm, you’re in for a wait of at least 20-40 minutes which can range up to 90 minutes if it’s a weekend.

We went for an office celebration and we were a group of Indians, Chinese, North Americans. We ordered a number of dishes and the ones I remember were Rajasthani style spicy goat with vegetables, wine marinated Lamb Popsicle with spinach potatoes, chicken Samosas, some Eggplant dishes, some alcoholic beverages and lemon ginger drinks for the Non alcoholics like me.

Sorry to say but none of the preparations tasted like Indian food, I would say it’s a western kind of preparation which just uses Indian names and I couldn’t find anything except the Samosas and lemon ginger drink to appeal to my palate.

Don’t want to be harsh here but it’s an overrated place which is extremely expensive with little portion sizes and there’s hardly any bang for your bucks.

Service is fairly polite and quick and can say the only good part, seating is fairly congested and not so comfortable either.

Overall it was a disappointing experience if I just consider about what we ate and how much we paid, rest all other parameters don’t quite matter if the essence of a restaurant which is food is not up to the mark.

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