Panchavati Gaurav Wadgaon Sheri, Pune

An Average Thali Experience !

Rating – 3/5

With the Sukantas and Rajdhanis almost dominating the thali scene in Pune I went there with curiosity in July to see if it can offer anything tough to the established giants?

The result was a mixed bag of sorts and here’s what I found in a nutshell:

Food – 3/5, unfortunately I couldn’t find the food to be better and in some aspects even closer to the other thali places that I have been a frequent visitor to. No matter what you do in terms of ambience and service if the food is not delicious enough then your customers are bound to be underwhelmed which is what I found here.
I wouldn’t say there was anything wrong with the food but considering the price which is on par with other popular ones I don’t see myself going here again unless the food quality improves or the rates are brought down. Again all this rating is a relative one compared to the other competing joints and hence such comments.

Service – 4/5, it was largely good except the servers themselves were not that proactive for the refills but once we got a captain’s attention this was rectified and we witnessed a better experience for the rest of our dinner.

Ambience and comfort – 3.5/5, it’s not a big setting by any means and at times you might feel close to other tables. The interiors are Okayish and the overall level is above average.

One off putting experience was the person manning the door as he was quite rude though he didn’t say much but his expression and body language were enough to sense. I wish if he had said something and he would have got the shock of his life. All we wanted to ask was about our reservation and he quite rudely pointed inside the restaurant without listening what we were asking and started mumbling something to himself. That was quite unprofessional and I did talk about that with the Manager and he seemed apologetic and rest of the Staff was fine but somehow this memory got etched into our experience when we think about Panchvati Gaurav and it doesn’t seem that we would be back here anytime soon.

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