Hotel Reddy Kharadi, Pune

If Ambience matters this is not your cup of Tea !

Rating – 3.5/5

First things first, this is essentially a place to just enjoy the taste of food.

Other considerations like Ambience, courteous service, spacious seating etc are something which I usually don’t care about if the essential ingredient of an eating outlet i.e. food is above Average, and the food quality here is very good !

This place has very limited items but if you happen to like those limited items like Biryani, chicken fry, chicken thali etc then this is absolutely the place to be, it’s more of a parcel point but there are limited seating arrangements as well.

Coming to the food or rather to my kind of favorite food which is Biryani, the taste is very good, again they don’t prepare Mutton Biryani and this is not as spciy as a Hyderabadi Biryani due to the prevalent taste palettes of Punekars as per my discussion with the owner of the place.

Still with less spices (compared to Hyderabadi style) the Biryani seems fairly authentic to Andhra cuisine and is fairly light on pocket (A full chicken biryani at Rs 140 is sufficient for 1.5 people). It’s 1.5 because when the food is good my diet tends to fluctuate to a higher level and if it’s two normal people having sane diets then the Biryani is sufficient for two people.

I am yet to try their other items as whenever I try to go and pick something else I always end up picking the Biryani đŸ˜‰

Enjoy !

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