Pinch Of Spice Tajganj, Agra

Decent Non Vegetarian fare in the City of Taj !

Rating – 4/5

Pinch of Spice is the place for Authentic Mughlai Food. Food is tasty and quantity is usually large compared to other places but then prices are comparatively higher as well. So I guess it all equalizes in terms of what you’re spending and what you’re getting in terms of quantity.

Ambience is nice and the crowd that frequents this place is decent as well owing to the above average prices.
Tandoori Chicken is usually juicy and done just right to evoke those Tandoori sentiments which will remain long after you have left the place 😉
Mutton Rogan Josh and most of the Chicken Gravies are good to have and tastewise I have no issues with this place.
However the biggest improvement they have to make here is in terms of service, you might be in a good 15-20 minutes earlier to the folks sitting next to your Table but you might end up waiting for more and the next Table gets served first.
Moreover I have seen that the waiters/Captains are more eager to serve our Foreign Guests and can come across to Indians with a “Chalta hai” attitude if the service is a little slow or no one is bothering to note down your order.
Its good that we look after our Foreign Guests as well but not at the expense of your local crowd, c’mon Guys start treating all your guests with equal respect and attention else soon your Restaurant will be visited only by Foreigners during the Season time in Agra and rest of the time I hope it’s not deserted by everyone due to this I don’t care attitude and I am sure that’s not what the Management wants.
I am still giving the place 4 star because of Ambience and Quality of Food but I hope there are some learnings from the area of improvement aforementioned in my review.
Lastly the “Paan shots” that are served as mouth freshner is something which is unique to this place and good to have 🙂

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