The Northern Frontier Yerawada, Pune

Pretty good North Western and Kashmiri Cuisine !

Rating – 4/5

So what can I say about North west frontier cuisine that hasn’t already been said. Essentially cooking through Afghani style it’s a cuisine if done right can be extremely rewarding for the taste buds:)
This restaurant knows it’s stuff, the prices are a bit on higher side compared to your usual North Indian restaurant but it’s worth it. Ambience is above average and if the service can be a little quick this place is good to dine at.
Some of the items worth mentioning which I regularly order – Mutton Galouti Kabab, Mutton Rogan Josh and Ninya Pulao.
Unfortunately the mutton biryani is nothing to write home about but most of the items are good to have and it’s a place to dine at when you want to try an original style of cooking done right!

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