Rajdhani Thali Restaurant Hadapsar, Pune

Just about an average Thali experience !
Rating – 3/5

For me the food served at Rajdhani at best is above average and on average it’s just about average! You may have to read that line once more to understand what I mean 😉

So here we were on a Tuesday evening primarily because of the 199rs offer per thali as I am not the biggest fan usually but it’s the high command who likes it here and more often than not the reason why I have to give in to visit this place.

I have attached the complete Menu’s snap and would cover only the good and bad items in the review:

The good……

Paneer Tikka Masaala
Surti Undhiyu, it was fairly different and not sure if I could pronounce it still 🙂
Malpua with Rabdi

The Bad…..
Daal Tadka, I don’t understand who likes this preparation as the Daal is always always bland. I have been looking for a thing called taste over the years and I am still searching for it…

The Ugly…..
Another Daal called Surti Daal and the mundane sweet kadhi.
They are so bad that these days I set aside a few bowls and never ever even attempt to take these items.
Lastly the Veg Tikki today was full of salt and despite telling the Captain he came back saying that it was the taste of Jeera which I was mistaking for salt! As if I don’t know the difference between the two.
Anyway I make it a point not to waste food and in the end I ate it by dipping the tikki in Rabdi.

The overall experience was average and hence the rating.

Lastly it’s my appeal to all folks eating at thali and buffet restaurants, please take only so much that you could eat and please try hard not to waste anything as it’s a cardinal sin to waste food in a place like India where thousands go to bed every night without a meal. I have even attached a picture of my finished thaali to raise awareness 🙂

Raj1 Raj2 Raj3 Raj4 Raj5

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