Cafe Goodluck Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

One of the legendary places in Pune !

Rating – 3.5/5

The place has an old world charm associated with it and is an extremely busy place at almost any time of the day. The evenings can be unbelievably crowded with scores of people waiting in queues for a chance to grab a table.
In case you’re looking to test your patience then you may want to give weekends a try and in 3-4 occasions if you manage to survive the wait and locate a parking spot then you’re guaranteed to become a reasonably patient person. Corporates these days are seriously thinking of this option to train patience to their employees 😉
On a serious note, this is a no-nonsense place and once you do get a table make sure you order quickly to go about your business else waiters will not hesitate to remind you about placing an order promptly!
The good part is once you place the order, more often than not you would get it served fairly quickly in less than 10 minutes:)
Coming to the food following is what I found to be good during my outings over the years:

Mutton cutlet curry 3.5/5 as the name suggests you get mutton cutlets and a curry and you can dip the cutlets in curry and have it with the soft and fluffy roomalis.

Special mutton fry 4/5 this is the best of lot and for mutton lovers is an absolute delight.

Chicken tikka 3/5 fairly average and makes a case for an important lesson to be learnt that this is essentially a Parsi style food joint and if you are looking for the usual Mughlai / North Indian spicy kebabs then this is NOT the place for you.

Tawa chicken boneless -3.5/5, thick gravy boneless chicken dish, fairly alright.

Mutton Biryani – 3.5/5, very different from the traditional Lucknawi, Hyderabadi or the usual Mughlai / North Indian type of Biryani. It’s one of the most mildly spiced Biryani I have ever had.I like mine to be full of spices and flavor and this one at times was devoid of any but I guess that’s the way Parsi food is and no real complaints to make. On the brighter side the mutton chunks were tender to the core which is why I am rating it above average.

Roomali Roti 5/5, fluffy and just about right.

Bread pudding – 4/5

Chocolate Souffle – 4.5/5

Overall it’s a different experience visiting Cafe Good luck compared to other restaurants both in terms of ambience and food. However if you talk about the heritage of Pune in terms of food this place ranks right up there and possibly you might not be a fan of this style of food but you just can’t help admiring their legacy and efficiency and the very reasons you may want to visit the place.

Lastly I have been guilty of not being able to sample their signature breakfast menu items and I intend to set that record straight soon 🙂


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