Domino’s Pizza Kharadi, Pune

A bit rough to deal with !

Rating 3/5

This review is firstly concerned with the particular outlet which in my opinion requires a lot of improvement when they deal with their customers.
This opinion is only through the experiences I have had while ordering online. I haven’t had a chance to visit them personally and nor do I intend to do it.
I live less than a kilometer away from this outlet but on more than a couple of occasions they have goofed up my order and delivered in more than hour though I pushed them to refund my amount on their commitment of 30 minutes delivery and I did manage to get the refunds once on other occasion they had an excuse of weekend orders and it was a day when there was a Team India cricket match in progress but anyway as long as they can deliver your order consider yourself lucky.
Now coming to the pizzas, my personal choices are spicy chicken & non veg supreme with cheesy burst. Among the sides stuffed garlic bread is excellent and mouth watering.
The 3 points I am giving is because of the food, if I had to rate just the outlet’s service I would have struggled to rate anything beyond 1.5

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