Navtara Calangute, Goa

Not so recommended !

Rating – 2/5

So we were in Goa in September last year and due to some family customs we could only have purely vegetarian food. Hence we were looking for a vegetarian place in Goa which in itself was a sin but here we were at Navtara, Calangute.

Usually we go by Zomato recommendations however Zomato was still not live in Goa at that time so I had little idea about what was coming but appearance wise it looked fine and the ambience was quite Ok as well.

Coming to the food, it was disappointing to say the least. Ordered the following:

Paneer Dhamaka Pizza – 1/5 (The Pizza that came out looked like it was cooked on the stove and was absolutely bland)

Chilly Paneer – 2.5/5 (The only saving grace of the evening, it wasn’t exactly the usual Chilly Paneer we get at Indo Chinese fusion restaurants but was edible)

Kadhai Paneer – 1.5/5 (This was the strangest Kadhai Paneer I had in a long time, it was nothing like the much loved North Indian dish but was cooked in Coconut Oil)

I don’t want to put anyone down but just trying to state the facts as experienced and it was not a pleasant dining experience at all. The place is not very economical to dine out either. From word of mouth a lot of people recommended this place for veggies but we were not happy with the food at all.

In the end I am giving it 2/5 for the Okayish Service and just about OK Ambience it offered.

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