Spice It – Hotel Ibis Viman Nagar, Pune

One of the worst dining experiences I had in 2014 !

Rating – 1/5

To start with if a place can go wrong with a fresh lime soda then it wouldn’t make for a suspense thriller movie material guessing about the fate of the rest of the items.

There are almost endless negatives which I can write here but I would try hard to be concise and control my emotions) :

To begin with, it’s one of the worst places I have ever visited in terms of service. These folks are almost incompetent to the core and basically don’t care about customer service at all. I am not exaggerating but I have seen better service at road side dhabas than at this useless place.

They have pissed me off so badly that its my only review with a rating of 1.

I took a Groupon for two for 1100 bucks and had the worst buffet ever. As per the information given in the groupon the buffet was supposed to have two Veg and two Non Veg starters and unlimited mocktails. For the first 30 minutes we could only see a single starter each for Veg and Non Veg and then I asked them about the remaining ones and then it took them another half an hour to get a fish and potato starter in Chinese style and appeared to be prepared in haste and absolutely pathetic.
Oh and did I forget about the unlimited mocktails?? Well you will have to first place the order and then keep reminding them every 15 minutes or so and by the time you have desserts you might have your mocktail ready if you’re lucky!
So much for the unlimited mocktails %*%*%

The rest of the buffet is very very ordinary and I think the only thing which came close to being edible was the raita. Another highlight was the number of desserts advertised in Groupon to be six and out of those six two were pineapple and watermelon.

It was absolutely a rip off for 1100 bucks. I am going to write about this bad experience to groupon as well so as their name is not maligned with this cheap place.

The Bottomline –
Please spare yourself the trouble of visiting Ibis and instead goto any tapri waala and for a fraction of the price you might discover some taste there. As for finding the taste here it’s Mission Impossible Boss!

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