Teri Rajput Koregaon Park, Pune

Good street food experience !

Rating – 3.5/5

So if you are not averse to eating good food in not so perfect surroundings with people hustling bustling from all directions then you can sample the good stuff from this place.
I dared to go with my family on a Sunday morning and the experience was alright in terms of having the food in their premises.

Sweet Malai Lassi – 4/5

Chholay Bhatura -3.5/5, didn’t feel the Chholay were authentic Punjabi style but almost better than every other place I have eaten in Pune.

Gobhi Parantha 4/5 – This was good with a fair enough stuffing of Gobhi, onion and other ingredients.

Samosa – 5/5 – This is one of the best Samosas I have had in a long time in Pune. Their stuffing is different from the usual ones containing raw coriander and is a welcome relief for sure 🙂

Jalebi – 3/5, this was average stuff as primarily it was not a Ghee preparation but in refined oil but I could still finish the plate I ordered. So it wasn’t too bad in the end.

I happened to meet the owner, an elderly Sikh Gentleman who has been running the place for now more than 10 years and he was very modest and I saw him instruct his servers on more than a couple of occasions to fulfil the orders of waiting patrons quickly.

I also gave him the quick feedback on Chholay and he assured that he will look into bringing back the Punjabi soul back into the recipe 😉

Fairly satisfied with the first experience I left from Teri Rajput with a promise that this is only my first visit out of the many to come!

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