Wings Kothrud, Pune

A satisfying experience !

Rating – 4/5

This was in June 2014, I had just returned from Canada after nearly 8 months and was obviously missing some good spicy Indian food.
I was on Zomato during my last two weeks to browse about a new location that serves authentic food and what’s better than an authentic biryani ๐Ÿ™‚
I came across wings and saw some wonderful reviews on Zomato and decided to give it a try. I live in Kharadi and this place is around 25 kms from my place. It’s a 22 hour flight from Vancouver and I was still a bit jet legged but that didn’t deter from giving it a quick try and I am glad that I did!
So after asking for directions I was able to reach the place, as I arrived it was a simple setup with 3-4 tables and we were the only folks dining out as its more of a parcel point. Unfortunately by the time we reached (8 pm) the mutton biryani was finished and we had to contend with ordering Chicken Biryani. It came perfectly spiced with rice perfectly cooked in a matka and the taste was very different than your usual run of the mill Biryanis.
We order some wings in two types of sauces and it tasted alright but I very much liked the Biryani. It’s not lucknawi or exactly a variant of Hyderabadi style but it somewhat still resembles the hyderabadi style of preparation.
I had a Groupon but there wasn’t any degradation in service or in food quality or quantity as happens on so many places.
I had a good time but haven’t had a chance to visit them again due to the distance but will give it a try again soon.
I also got to interact with the owner, a young guy – he was extremely polite and checked if we were served properly and asked for the feedback and we gladly obliged.
A nice place for ordering biryani ๐Ÿ™‚

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