Khanabadosh Kalyani Nagar, Pune

A good option for some tasty food delivery !

Rating – 4/5

To begin with its a strange choice of name for a restaurant as it means nomads who don’t live at one place and don’t have a designated abode!
I was worried that if I order a home delivery whether these guys would remain at the same location or not 😉 Ok I agree that was a bad one, let me jump straight to the review then…

I have ordered more than a couple of times through tastykhana and infact have never visited them in person so this review would plainly be about food and taste and I have rated them accordingly. Following is what I have ordered across multiple deliveries:

Tandoori chicken 4/5, this is one of the best and spicier tandoori chicken I have had in a while. It tastes really good however my only little complaint is that it’s not roasted consistently and at times feels like eating a deliciously spiced boiled chicken. I had conveyed the same to them before ordering once but unfortunately it turned out the same. Hope it improves in future.

Murgh dilliwaala (Butter chicken) – 3.5/5, this was one of the better butter chicken preparation I have had in a while though not the best. It’s just a tad little sweet for my liking but far better than most places where they make it like a dessert.

Mutton Dum Biryani – 3.5/5, Biryani is quite alright, it doesn’t exactly taste a Hyderabadi Biryani as it’s very mildly spiced but is definitely good enough to stand on its own. I was tempted to give a rating of 4 however it was a bit dry the last time I ordered it hence couldn’t help but give this rating.

I would certainly recommend this place for home delivery as the quantity is also good along with quality and packaging. Hope to visit them in the near future.


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