Al Jawahar Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Satisfying experience in Old Delhi !

Rating – 4/5

This is one of those places serving traditional Mughlai preparations that have stood the test of time unlike their much famed and fancied neighbors who have seriously lost it big time.

This is not a place that has got anything to do with ambience or the service one usually associates with a fine dining restaurant. So it’s better not to have those expectations in the first place, however you’re guaranteed a place to sit and may have to wait at most for 10-15 minutes even during peak hours unlike Kareem where the waiting time can be excruciatingly painful.

Coming to the part where they score the most is their food 🙂

Items that you just cannot miss are their moist and succulent seekh kebabs.

Chicken Jehangir and Chicken changezi, their mutton korma with rich gravy and sheermal is a deadly combination and is literally to die for, oh well I am craving for it as I write about it around 1600 km away from Delhi ) :

Mutton achari Biryani is a different take on my favourite dish and it was fairly alright however as far as Biryanis are concerned it’s nothing outstanding to say the least.

Don’t miss this for some of the most tender and heavenly kebabs that you would ever have and some of the finest gravies in town.

Took one rating out for the ambience or the lack thereof and the chaotic scenes in terms of crowd and the overall location of the place but just for the food it’s an awesome experience ?

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