Invitation 365 Viman Nagar, Pune

Among the cost effective options for Booze and starters !

Rating – 3/5

Chances that someone from Invitation 365 management would read this review and work on the listed improvements are as bright as Bangladesh’s chances were to win the 2015 cricket world cup 😉

There are lots of areas to improve but I wouldn’t harp on them too much because of the reason above 🙂 Following would just be the pointers:

Essentially a place for cheaper alcoholic drinks located at a prime location in Vimannagar, this place is strictly for non family type crowds. I have been here with my team members around 3-4 times and if you or none of your accompanying folks drink then you’re seriously at a wrong place.

Dislikes – Lethargic service, no ambience at all, overall hygiene and cleanliness is shabby to say the least.

Likes – Reasonably priced drinks, cocktails, mocktails (for people like me), above average food taste and economical price for food as well.

Food in general is not out of the ordinary but from my recent exploits two things stand out – Chicken banjara gravy and a Chinese style starter Chicken Junglee.

Go for it in case you need to give an economical booze party with decent food. A dinner for six along with moderate drinking cost us 3400 bucks which I thought was quite reasonable.



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