Atmosphere 6, Viman Nagar

******************** Update 7th Feb 2015 ********************

Since the time I wrote this review initially I have been to Atmosphere 6 more than a couple of times and I have the food to be awesome always.

Chicken Malai Tikka, Rozali chicken tikka and Lahori Murgh are among the best dishes. Among the mocktails they have one with a leechi base and it’s quite good as well.

Service and ambience is good always, gonna visit again soon 🙂

******************** November 2014 Review ********************


Well I got an opportunity to visit this place through an office get together.
I don’t drink alcohol or smoke so this wasn’t in my list of priorities hence never tried this before.
I primarily went there with curiosity to taste the food and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
Starters are delicious, ratings as below:
1. Chicken tikka 3.5/5 – nicely spiced
2. Tandoori chicken 3.5/5 – nicely cooked
3. Chicken Malai Tikka 5/5, awesome – topped with bits of cheese and cream and was purely pleasurable. I can just go back for this dish alone.
4. Chicken seekh kabab 3/5 – not very tender but alright
5. Kunchao Chicken 4/5 – oriental starter spiced in a subtle manner.
6. Chicken chilly 4/5 – nicely spiced
7. Paneer chilly 4.5/5 – Paneer was so soft and accompanying veggies were crispy.
8. Tandoori mushrooms 4.5/5 – excellent taste and more than medium spicy
9. Crispy honey fried chicken 3/5 – It was an ok dish with honey complimenting crispy chicken with very limited spices.

Going for tandoori chicken platter is a good option.

Among mocktails one can go for Atmosphere Punch and it won’t disappoint you.

We had lots and lots of starters and when it came to main course we ordered the following:

Chicken Lahori 3.5/5 – tasted like a bit of chicken tikka masaala and was alright.
Paneer kadhai 3.5/5
Daal tadka 4/5
Jeera rice 3.5/5

Overall it was a very satisfying experience, ambience was good and service was right on the button. Our server Mr.Manas was courteous and helped me in choosing the right dishes as per our group’s taste.

Would definitely visit again 🙂



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