Indian Zaiqaa Magarpatta, Pune

My new Biryani hunting destination!
Rating – 4/5
As is evident from my Zomato handle, I am a huge Biryani fan and have been brought up on a diet of the Agra-Delhi-Lucknow mughlai delicacies.

So everytime I come across an outlet promising something on the above cuisines I get really excited and always strive to give it a try atleast once.

So what goes on in making a tempting and delectable Biryani:

1. First and foremost, the rice quality needs to be good and every grain should be separable and not sticking together. ☑

2. When the Biryani is served, it just cannot be dry, if it’s dry then the battle is lost by all means. A perfect Biryani needs to be moist and flavorful enough so that you don’t need to use the accompanying saalan with it. ☑

3. Both the rice and the chicken/mutton chunks need to have the flavor. It just doesn’t work to have flavor in one of them and the other being bland. ☑

4. Lastly when an outlet says the Biryani to follow a particular variant like a Hyderabadi or Lucknawi type then it better be able to live up to that cuisine’s nuances and expectations. ☑

To my pleasant surprise the Lucknawi style chicken Biryani satisfies the above four checkmark hands down and I just loved their aromatic and flavorful chicken Biryani 🙂

As with the Lucknawi variant, it’s not as spicy as the Hyderabadi one but is more aromatic and relies on subtle flavors which was aptly the case with the preparation.

I just stumbled upon this place in Seasons Mall food court hoping to catch a quick and early dinner before watching Mr.Cruise latching on to the top of an aeroplane 😉

This place offers different type of combo options and thalis. They had the following variants of thalis namely Kashmiri thali, Punjabi thali, Goan thali and Lucknawi thali.

The first question I asked the owner was “yeh seriously Lucknow ka he hai yah like so many other places it’s just branding and hollow promises” and he replied that he has been asked that question before and he assured me that they have tried to keep it as authentic as they come.

For me the choice was pretty straightforward and I went for the Lucknawi thali which came with a KFC style fried chicken legpiece, chicken gravy plus a chicken breast piece, a serving of Daal Makhani, Lachha parantha, raita and ofcourse the flavorful chicken Biryani.

This meal is good for above average diet of 1.5 persons if a lachha parantha is added to the thali available at 25 bucks, so in around 275 bucks (250 for thali plus the extra parantha for 25) two persons with a moderate diet can almost be satiated.

I liked the Lucknawi thali and absolutely loved the Biryani which prompted me to go with their chicken fry with Chicken Dum Biryani combo which had a larger quantity of Biryani and was accompanied with saalan, fried chicken legpiece and raita @185 bucks.

I think whatever I tried yesterday was good in taste and found it value for money as otherwise in food courts like these we seldom get value for money and even the mundane chhola bhaturas are priced at around 150 bucks in the adjoining other outlets.

So considering all of the above I loved what was on offer and I look forward to sample their other types of thalis. Had a quick chat with their owner Mr.Malhotra and he was very receptive on the feedback front and explained they have different chefs for the four different cuisine thali they have on offer to keep it authentic.

Giving them 4/5 as of now, will have another outing soon to judge their consistency and after sampling some of the other items would update my review and ratings here.

If you’re in Seasons Mall and love your Biryani, go for it without a second thought 🙂

Visited August 2015.
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