Karan Tasty Jalebi Kharadi, Pune

A place to reckon with for tasty chhola bhaturas !

Rating – 3/5

It’s a fairly modest place among the scores of other similarly ambient joints located opposite Zensar. It could be a little challenging to expect absolute cleanliness in the dining area with ample flies to give you company. One would be better off to have low expectations on the cleanliness front and you might end up liking the food as I did.

We went there for basically tasting their Jalebis and the following is what we ordered:

1. Jalebi – 2.5/5 – Preparation of Jalebis can be a little deceptive than what it usually looks like, we do it at times at home so we know from experience. A Jalebi has to be crispy, the smaller the size the better (my personal preference), it just has to be sweet enough so that it shouldn’t feel to be too sweet and then it shouldn’t be less sweet at the same time.
Phew….enough of jalebi fundas, coming to the one we tasted here it was crispy and the size was small however what was the deal breaker really here was it was just too sweet and the preparation seemed like not of pure ghee but ghee mixed with some other oil. Despite these points I would say it still was better than the usual fare we get at other sweet/halwai shops in Pune and if the above points can be addressed it has the potential to become a good place for Jalebis.

2. Rabdi – 3/5, This was not the thick and sweet variant but sort of the runny version with subtle sweetness and it was primarily a preparation to go as an accompaniment with the Jalebis. When eaten in combination with rabdi, the extra sweetness of jalebis were nullified to an extent.

3. Chhola bhatura – 4.5/5, as can be judged from above, the experience was a bit underwhelming so far to say the least and then we happened to have one of the tastiest chhola bhaturas in a long time in Pune ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes these are better than Teri Rajput by some margin! The best part about this preparation was the fact that the bhaturas seemed without any oil at all, ofcourse they were deep fried in oil but as they were served they were so dry that it felt they were done on a Tawa ๐Ÿ™‚ The Chholay subzi was tasty and I could just eat that like a usual curry preparation with Rice or Roti.

The overall meal costed us 120 bucks and in around 150 bucks 2 people can share a hearty meal here.

Here are the overall ratings :

Food – 3.5
Cleanliness – 2/5
VFM – 4/5

I would definitely be back to have more of chhola bhatura and to sample Chaat, aloo tikki and Samosas that are prepared fresh in the evening.

Visited September 2015


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