Punjabi Chulha Viman Nagar, Pune

Started with a bang but slowly fading away !

Rating – 3.5/5

I am humming this song Chandani O Meri Chandani for the past hour or so and instead of visualizing Sreedevi I am getting multiple close up shots of the Chandani Kebabs on offer at this place šŸ˜‰ To sum up these kebabs are mind blowing and nothing like any kebab I have eaten before šŸ™‚

Six pieces of chicken kebabs for 240 bucks at a road side Food Van was not exactly a bargain I was looking forward to, but I just happened to bump into this place as I was passing by to have some flavorful Mastani at Viman Nagar.

Talking about the Chandani Kebabs, (as recommended by the owner, a warm and passionate Sikh Gentleman) these were one of the most succulent kebab variants I have ever had. These kebabs have a smooth and melt in the mouth covering of chicken with a stuffing of minced chicken, topped by their special masala and cream along with a nicely prepared green chutney.

As I had my first bite I got up from the chair shook hands with the owner and quickly jumped back at my seat to have one of the most flavorful servings triggering a gastronomical delight that is still vivid as I write this review. I tried eating the six pieces as slow as I could to savor the taste and aroma but still ended up galloping everything within two minutes as it was outright delicious and absolutely delectable.

Next recommendation on the list was achari kebab but I thought of having Butter Chicken as Parcel so that I could still have some space for Mastani.

Back home as I tasted the Butter Chicken, it was one of the better butter chicken preparations that I came across in Pune in recent times. Just for the record it wasn’t extra sweet as is the norm in so many places but had a subtle sweetness about it which was quite rewarding to the taste buds.

For the ratings in short:

Food 4.5/5

VFM 4/5 (it’s not cheap and the quantity is not the greatest but the taste will definitely surpass your expectations)

If you happen to live in Viman Nagar and like good spicy Punjabi Food I would seriously wonder how you wouldn’t land up at this place at-least once. And if you land up here once I even more wonder why you wouldn’t come back here over and over again, I am definitely coming back as I am in love with Chandani (Kebabs) !

A word of caution though as below:

Owing to some indifferent experiences in terms of consistency, the promise they had shown initially seems to be fading away, however still the food is good. The foremost thing they have to improve is their consistency in preparations and ensuring that customers receive value for their bucks by either improving the quantity or reducing the price of their rather overpriced items.


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