Shiv Kailash Sassoon Road, Pune

A nostalgic trip down the memory lane !

Rating – 5/5

Shiv Kailash is a pretty ordinary setup in the vicinity of the chaotic Pune railway station, situated across the road opposite the last exit of the virtually goons-controlled parking.

However the stuff they dish out is extraordinary in every sense of the word!

Whenever I visit them it’s like going back to my childhood days, those who grew up in 90s might experience what I am talking about here.

Those days it was the outlets by “Halwais”, simple outlets with nothing fancy about them yet insanely rich in taste. After a busy day of school and a game of Cricket with friends in the scorching sun, one could find solace in a 5 rs glass of lassi topped with Malai and crushed ice in a kulhad and nothing could beat that on a warm summer day 🙂

Shiv Kailash doesn’t quite the serve the lassi in kulhad or with crushed ice but it comes closest to that taste atleast here in Pune and I cherish this place for the same reason.

The most beautiful thing about places like these is that you could happen to share your table with literally anyone, there are no boundaries of social status, region, religion or language at this place as everyone is bounded by the same common passion – food 🙂

I happened to share the table once with a Maulvi, local autorick driver, a student from chennai and a railway reservation clerk and we did spend a minute or two talking about the legacy and taste of the place as we savoured the tempting delicacies.

Coming to what it’s best known for, following is what I have tried during my various visits:

Malai Lassi – 4.5/5 – When you take first look at that innocuous steel glass of lassi, you have no idea how that kevra enthused, topped with Malai drink is going to weave it’s magic on you slowly and steadily and you might end up having more than one.

Dry fruit lassi – 5/5, what I said as above still applies with an addition of the crunch of freshly grounded dry fruits and goes really well with the lassi, just awesome.

Mix Falooda – 5/5, comes in kesar or mango flavours, I have always tried the latter. It’s a mix of Kulfi and Mango ice-cream with Basundi and falooda. It’s like a cocktail of desserts whose individual tastes when eaten as a combination gives a very different yet delectable experience.

Basundi – 5/5, this is the old world thick and creamier version of the dessert and not like the diluted ones served in food malls/famous food chains.

A word on Parking:

This is not a place to be visited on your four wheeler, the only time it is possible is after 10pm as the passengers traffic decreases considerably during those hours and you can park your car along the road while you get served sitting in your car. It’s a no parking zone so please don’t drink and park 😉

For two wheelers there’s a designated parking spot in a narrow lane just before the outlet if you’re coming from the Jehangir hospital side, there’s sufficient parking space, just park and drink, eat, drool over the desserts, eat whatever you want to eat man 🙂

They are open from 8.30am to 11.30pm.

This is a must visit place and probably the best in Pune for lassi, falooda and Basundi.


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