Time After Time – The Central Park Hotel Bund Garden Road, Pune

Above average dining experience!

Rating – 3/5

The only reason why I am rating them at 3 and not any lower is because of the following reasons:
1. Service was quick and nice.
2. A Chinese style fish based starter was delicious.
3. Desserts were thankfully good especially the Dudhi Halwa, kheer and chocolate brownie.
4. Last but not the least I was utilizing Groupon vouchers with a further discount on the Groupons due to an offer.

Now coming to the not so good points, the starters were ordinary to say the least and the fish starter was the only saving grace. The other chicken starter was bland and the veg starters were nothing to write about; a tandoori babycorn and a cheese based kebab of sorts which didn’t impress me at all.

The main course had three non veg preparations with chicken and fish variants being western/continental which were average in taste and nothing outstanding.

Some good items from Main course were Mutton Keema, Paneer gravy,the daal preparation and the lachha paranthas.

Soup was not good but the Salads were fairly better and desserts were the best part of the meal.

I believe with two starters each for veg and non veg at 470 bucks using Groupon followed by the main course and desserts is a good deal on paper. However I just hope the restaurant management looks to ensure that dishes are just not there to make the numbers but they are indeed worthy of being put in the buffet.

I paid even a lesser price than what I quoted above because of which I didn’t quite feel too underwhelmed for what was on offer 🙂

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