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It’s a good find for sure !

Rating – 4/5

Kokkita is derived from an Indonesian name koki-kita which means “Our Cook”. As the name suggests they believe in laying importance on the heart of their kitchen i.e. the Cook. They definitely had flavors going for them in the complementary meal we were served at the recently concluded Zomato Meetup on Monday,14th December.

The Location

People who are not familiar with the Hadapsar Area may find it a discovery of sorts to uncover the restaurant’s location but thankfully Google Maps have listed them correctly so if you’re going there first time it will help to go with GPS. I took the left turn after the Magarpatta bridge and this road though was a bit narrow at times but was devoid of any traffic compared to the congested road that goes between the Amanora and Seasons malls.

The place apparently has two parkings, one that leads to their indoor AC section while the other bigger and valet facilitated parking leads to their vast Garden Area.

The Ambience – I rate them a very good 4/5 on this parameter.

Kokkita has both an indoor and outdoor seating space designed to cater to people’s preferences. The indoor section is Air conditioned and can house upto 90-100 people at time while the outdoor section would be my preferred one. The outdoor section comes with a garden type setting which is further accentuated by some interesting artifacts like a fish aquarium at a couple of places with one of them situated beneath the pathway under a transparent glass so you can literally walk over it. There’s a set of fountains located in the garden area as well which makes up an ideal spot for a photo session which we all foodies did while we were there 🙂
The outdoor section is huge and can accommodate up to 200 people at a time and in addition they have a banquet hall as well with a capacity of 120-150 which could be utilized for private parties I guess.

The Food – I rate them a very good 4/5 on this parameter.

The Zomato menu that was planned for the event was huge and had atleast one dish from the different cuisines like Mughlai, Chinese, Sea food, continental etc to give the foodies a taste of most of their items. The menu selection definitely deserves credit, at times in other food tasting sessions I have seen the menu turn out to be one dimensional, serving different dishes containing almost the same ingredients but not here and thankfully so !


The Zomato meetup started up with a serving of soups and mocktails, conscious of the huge menu I decided to keep away from the soups and ordered my Guava based mocktail – Guava spice colada which came with a pinch of salt all over the glass’ edges. The drink was fair enough and I would rate it 3/5.

Drinks – I am a non alcoholic drinker but judging by reaction of other foodies it seemed the alcoholic drinks were a rage and to me the most mystical drink was a fire shot called as           B- 52. The B-52 is a combination of three types of liquer namely Coffee liquer, Irish cream chocolate flavor and Cointreau orange flavor. It’s served as a shot and is to be ignited and gulped in a single shot !

We even had mocktail shots during the end of our meal which was strawberry syrup based and was quite average to be fair. 

Starters and Salads – I rate them a very good 4/5 on this parameter.

I will first talk about the starters I liked from the Menu and then come to the ones that didn’t quite exceed my expectations:

Red Chilly Garlic Chicken – 4.5/5, this was spicy alright and had a lot of things going for it like the spice level, the chicken quality was good and the end result was tender chicken in a spicy sauce and I liked it very much.

Lucknowi Mutton Chops – 4.5/5, it was tasty and again the mutton was really tender, I thought of ordering a second serving but again due to the items to come I restrained myself from doing so. In any starter comprising of mutton the key is to not have that raw smell of mutton as otherwise it’s a complete turn off however there were no such issues with the preparation and I liked it good.

Stuffed Mushroom – 4.5/5, the evidence that I am rating mushrooms higher than the mutton chops speaks volumes about the preparation. This was chargrilled mushrooms with a tasty filling and the end result was a perfectly grilled mushroom with a soft stuffing that took the preparation to a higher level.

Chicken Caesar Salad – 3.5/5, it was good but with so much of meat around I wasn’t really a taker for any type of salad on that evening but I did taste it in order to rate it fairly.

Paneer Hot pan – 3.5/5, this was sizzler style preparation of paneer and went well with my Guava mocktail.

Coming to the other starters, I didn’t like them as much as I liked the ones above, a brief about them as below:

Achari Paneer Tikka – Being an achari preparation I think the end result of tanginess was a little too much for my liking.

Tawa surmai & Tandoori surmai – I found both of them a little too pungent than what I usually come across and didn’t end up eating them as much as other starters.

Murgh rossali kebab – I digged into this with great expectations and to an extent it was bit of a letdown with the starter coming out dry on the top and that was the deal breaker for me. The presentation of the dish was however good.

Mains – I rate them a good 3.5/5 on the mains, there were fish, mutton and chicken gravies each in Non Veg and for me the main attraction of the meal was the Mutton Biryani. Out of the mains I liked the Chef’s special chicken and Mutton rogan josh which went really well with a fair enough Mutton Biryani. The Biryani could have been a bit more spicy and could have definitely done with a bit more masaala rice as I thought probably the white rice outnumbered the masaala one with some margin.

To be honest after the rather sumptuous starters I was expecting the mains to be in the same league. Though the mains were pretty decent but didn’t quite enjoy as much I liked the starters, probably I had one too many going for me 😉

The meal ended with a serving of sizzling brownie, imagine a soft brownie topped by a soft scoop of Vanilla and then dipped in sizzling hot chocolate sauce. The fact about the dessert was that it tasted really nice when the three constituents were eaten together. It was like any other brownie but the sizzle factor made it stand out from the mundane brownie preparations.

Service – I rate them a good 3.5/5 on this parameter, we were served well by our servers Mr.Ashim and Mr.Nigam. Our Captain Mr.Haridas was on his toes all the time and we had a good interaction with their Manager Mr.Rokade as well more than a couple of times. Mr.Rokade came and gave us personal attention to check if things were going as per expectations.

On the improvement part I can see there was some level of confusion on who ordered what and things got mixed up on more than a couple of occasions and probably the turnaround time needs to be improved a bit as well 🙂

About the Zomato Meetup Zomato Meetups are always fun and apart from the complementary food the other big attraction is to meet foodies, the ones who’s posts you read and rejoice and it was great to share the table with Malay, Mishri, Abhishek, Ankita and Shreyasi. A big note of thanks goes to Vaishnavi for the invitation and rest of the Zomato staff (Mohammed, Kishore and Shravanthi) for making the event possible and giving us company.

In the end I want to thank the Management of Kokkita and especially the Proprietor Mrs. Archana Wasulkar, it’s always nice to see a Woman drive Business and I wish her all the best for her future endeavors 🙂

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