Bounty Sizzlers, Kalyani Nagar Pune

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Just an above average experience !

Rating 3/5

To get straight to the point I have had better sizzlers elsewhere, however the place has an extensive menu in terms of Indo-Chinese options as well as Continental items. This of-course is a good thing as otherwise if you’re not a big fan of their sizzlers than at least you have other options to munch around.

This also comes with a flip side that the other options are not extraordinary either but when gossiping with a group of friends with booze being the priority even passable food is not that big a problem. Having said that during our experience at Bounty sizzlers the food was just about slightly above average and our outing by and large was not a bad one !

The Location and Ambience –2.5/5 – Situated in Kalyani Nagar, if coming from the Jogger’s park side then it’s just before Marrakesh and shares it’s boundary with Arctic the Sea-food place. The location is quite good though finding a good parking spot especially with a four wheeler on the week-end can be challenging as you’ll have to rely on the street side parking.

Talking about Ambience, it’s quite ordinary to be honest, in terms of seating options both indoor and outdoor options are there. Indoors you have the ground level as well as 1st level as a seating option. Being the season of WT20 Cricket they do have an LCD mounted on the wall visible to both the levels indoors so if you’re a Cricket fan it’s a good idea to sit indoors.

Drinks – 4/5 – With booze being the order of the Day, me the poor and meek stuck to Fresh Lime Soda and Cold Coffee as my drinking options for the evening 🙂 I was blatantly surprised by the absence of options for Mocktails but anyway my motivation was the meat so I wasn’t extremely bothered by this.

Fresh Lime Soda – I asked for the salt and sweet combination and it was the way it was supposed to be. I guess one would require some very special skills to ruin a fresh lime soda 😉 Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I toasted other’s beer mugs with my fresh lime soda. At 60 bucks per drink I think it was fairly priced.

Cold Coffee – It was creamy, frothy slightly strong but a little overpriced at 110 bucks for my liking.

Beer Tower – These were like the songs in the Hindi movies i.e. the Beer Towers made frequent appearances and my other four mates had a bowl drinking from them. They were basically the Kingfisher ones with 2.25 liters served at a time and I think one such tower was in the range of 750-850 bucks,  I didn’t quite check the price as I don’t drink anyway. However it came across as a convenient option and others were pretty happy to have it.

Food – 3/5 – This is the overall rating of the food items and I would say that I expected more from the place that prides itself as “THE” Sizzler joint. A brief description of what we tried as below:

Paneer Chilly – 4/5 – This was pretty good with the Cottage Cheese being really tender and the seasoning used was very tasty, clearly the star of the evening.

Veg Manchurian – 2.5/5 – With nothing much to clearly boast of this was at best an average preparation. The Manchurian balls were neither tender from inside nor crispy from outside though the taste was passable.

Paneer Schezwan – 2/5 – This was very ordinary and was on the verge of almost being bland.

Chilly Chicken – 3.5/5 – This was one of the better preparations of non veg appetizers and everything else hereafter in non veg appetizers went downhill.

Chicken LollyPop – 2/5 – The lollypops were a tad too over-fried and the chicken used had a distinct taste to it which I didn’t quite like.

Pepper Chicken – 2/5 – This was equally bad, looked like deep fried chicken with an overdose of pepper and was pretty dry again.

The Sizzlers – Oriental Chicken and Veg Italiano – 3/5 – The Chicken sizzler came with fries, veggies and was rice based while the veg sizzler was accompanied by mushrooms, paneer and was noodle based. Thankfully the sizzlers were the saving grace to a certain extent though as I said at the beginning I have had better ones right here in Pune but the preparations were fair enough.

Value for Money – 3.5/5 – The value for money parameter was good with every appetizer being priced in the range of 160-200 bucks and sizzlers were between 450-500 and the six of us were able to play around with two of them so the quantity was fair enough as well.


The drinks were reasonably priced though a happy hours offer was something that would have been an icing on the cake though they did have 3 pints + 1 free offer on King’s Beer. Overall we had a nice outing, if you can manage your expectations in terms of an ordinary ambience and just about average food it’s not a bad option for a drinks get together every now and then.

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