Pinxx@Royal Orchid Central, Pune

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Decent Meal with good hospitality !

Rating – 3.5/5

Pinxx located at Royal Orchid Central Hotel in Kalyani Nagar is a good place to have a decent meal at reasonable prices. The Buffet is not extraordinarily large but is good enough to give the diner a sense of value for Money.

Buffet spread has the usual suspects starting from a Mocktail, 2 Veg/2 Non Veg starters, a varied salad spread followed by the Main course and then the delicious desserts providing a nice climax to the dinner experience.

Drinks & Starters – 4/5 – We kick-started our meal with a Khus based Mocktail and the good part was that it was laid out in the Buffet which is rare to see as Restaurants are usually wary of giving multiple servings of Mocktails but here it was unlimited and quality wise it was good too 🙂

Soups – 2.5/5 – Both the Sweet Corn and Chicken Pepper soup were average in taste and were nothing much to write home about.

Murgh Sholey Kabab – 4.5/5 – The first serving was a bit dry still it gave an idea of the good marination that was used so once the feedback was provided the next serving tasted really good and juicy. The preparation had good amount of spices going for it and I didn’t require the green chutney to go with it which is always a sign that the preparation is self-sufficient in terms of taste.

Ajwaini Fish Fry – 4/5 – This starter was equally good and the fish was almost melt in the mouth and went great with Tartar sauce.

Veg Falafel – 3/5 – The falafel was fairly decent and the cardinal sin is to find dryness which we thankfully didn’t experience, though this was our least preferred starter relatively as the others were really good.

Sesame Chilly Paneer -4/5 – This was the usual Paneer Chilly preparation with an addition of large amounts of Sesame seeds and I couldn’t really gauge whether the seeds added any value to the preparation but overall I was quite satisfied with the Taste.

Main Course – 2.5/5 – This course was somehow not as good as the Starters or the Desserts and requires a good amount of improvement to ensure that the Main course dishes have the required flavors and the dishes are good enough to stand up on their own instead of just making up the numbers in the Buffet. I only liked the Aloo Gobhi Adraki in Indian, Chermoula Fish in Continental and Curried Noodles in Chinese cuisines in a 14 item main course buffet. I am sure they would want to improve on that and ensure that it’s on par with the quality of their starters and desserts.

Desserts – 4/5 – Most of the desserts were good with Zauk-e-Shahi (Gulab Jamuns with Rabdi), Strawberry Soufle and Rasmalai standing out from the rest.

Ambience and Service – 4/5 – In the adjoining area to Pinxx there was a private party going on for an IT Company and initially as we were entering I thought that our service will be impacted consequently. However all my speculations were laid to rest as the service was quick and efficient, the starters took a while once to get replenished but otherwise the service was spotless. The Manager and Captains were courteous as well and asked for the feedback on the starters served and made the relevant changes to ensure that our experience was good. The Ambience was pretty alright as well with comfortable seating and sufficient lighting along with colorful lights on the ceilings and the walls, giving the place a refreshing look.

If not for the rather ordinary Main Course I would have definitely rated them a .5 point higher for sure, still it’s a good place to have your dinner without burning a hole in your pocket.

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