Breaking Bread, Opp.Crossword, ITI Road, Aundh

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Broke a lot of Breads @ Breaking Bread !

Rating – 3.5/5

Food Trucks as a concept have always fascinated me, having spent a good three years of my life in North America I did have a fling or two with them and more often than not came out a satisfied customer. Back home in Pune (as now I call it) Food Trucks have started to make their presence felt and Breaking Bread is one of the few rare species on the Pune food scene.

Location & Parking – Breaking Bread is usually operational on all 7 days (7.30 pm till 11-11.30pm) on the ITI Road in Aundh opposite Crossword & Taareef. It’s easy to spot them with a blue colored food truck on a busy road. Parking for four wheelers can be an issue but things calm down a bit after 8.30pm and thereabouts.

DSC02535There’s still space available near the food truck for an unofficial parking but that too is taken by Taxis and Autos if you land up at around 7pm which I did 🙂 There’s no issue with the parking for two wheelers though as there’s enough space nearby.

The Food & Drinks – As the name might have given away the place offers a number of Sandwiches and Burgers in Vegetarian and Chicken Variants and is good for a quick pickup or gobbling down of Finger food.


Recommendations – Drinks – Virgin Kokum Mojito – 4/5, their only offering in the drinks category was minty and was unexpectedly refreshing. I reached a little earlier than the rest of the foodies and was hassled a bit while parking my Car so once I had the drink I was literally refreshed 🙂

Recommendations – Food
Chicken in a mess – 4/5, this dish came with nicely marinated chicken chunks along with other tid-bits like french fries tossed around in a sweet and sour sauce. The taste and flavors came out really well and I liked it the most along with the Goan Chicken Burger. The quantity of the dish was more than fair enough as well and can be enjoyed by two people with moderate appetite.
Goan Chicken Burger – 4/5, this burger ticked all the checks, the chicken chunks had the right amount of flavor and subtle use of spices made it one of the best preparations of the day. A subtle and not too overpowering Vinegar punch only added to the preparation.
Jerk Chicken Burger – 4/5, another good burger preparation, was aptly spiced and had that bit of a Carribbean flavor to it and came out nicely.

Other notable mentions would be The Chicken Toasties, Veg Toasties and the Bonofie Chocolate Sandwich. Though the Bonofie Sandwich could have added a bit of crunch through the use of nuts or something to add another dimension to the preparation.

Value for Money – 3.5/5, with most burgers and sandwiches costing in the region of 120-160 bucks and with the quantity that’s on offer I would give them a good 3.5 on this. A Burger/Sandwhich meal for two should only set you back by 200-300 bucks depending on your appetite and what you order and that my friend seems to be a good deal.

Suggestions – The Veg preparations mostly were Okay but need a bit more punch especially the Cottage Cheese and Potato Burger and The Veg in the mess preparations. The Burger had more of a potato taste to it and if the name didn’t have Cottage cheese in it I may not have realized that there was Paneer present in the preparation. The Veg in the Mess seemed to be a bit inclined towards the french fries dipped in a sweet sauce with few veggies tossed around here and there. I couldn’t find any distinct or collective taste of the various participants of this dish.

On further areas of improvements it would be good if they can introduce at-least one more drink and dessert, however that’s just a wish list. At the end of the day they are a food truck and in a place like India where this concept is still gaining acceptance I can understand there are everyday challenges to cope up with and space crunches in the vehicle etc. I am sure they will look into this area once they’re settled. They have started their full operations only since the last three weeks.

Credits – A special thanks to the BTeam for extending the invite and as always there was never a dull moment while we seized on to the preparations as they arrived for the tasting. It was a circus of sorts at times with everyone rushing to click that perfect picture at one go or gunning down the food as soon as the clicks were over, very enjoyable to say the least.

Finally hats off to the Four Guys who are behind this startup – Mr. Neeraj, Mr. Niranjan, Mr. Nishit & Mr. Kaustubh. It takes a lot of Courage and Hard work to build something like this from the scratch, wish them all the best for their Business and hope they continue to serve with as enthusiasm and joy as they served us. Cheers !

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