April Rain, Aundh, Pune

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Food Rain with a fresh perspective !

Rating – 4.5/5

Food blogging definitely has its perks in visiting new places and meeting people that you otherwise wouldn’t converse with but when you do your whole perspective on food and the business of food changes. I got this chance to talk to Chef Milind Sovani while on a food tasting invite of April Rain on the first Dry Day in October.

We struck some great conversations on Pune people’s fixation with Maharashtrian touch in North Indian cuisine or for that matter even in World cuisine preparations. How the Pune food scene is evolving with the ever growing influx of youngsters and their taste orientations which the Restaurateurs are always on the look out for and innovate/re-innovate their strategies over and over again. Also got a chance to learn about Chef Milind’s journey to a Celebrity Chef and his various outlets in multiple Countries including India, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. So many stories over some delectable food served as the perfect combination to make for an exciting afternoon.

The Ambience – Pretty impressive and contemporary, we were seated on the first floor and it was a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Food & Drinks- Our overall experience over food was fantastic and we tried both the Indian and World cuisine preparations, a brief as below:

Drinks (Non Alcoholic) – Peach Margarita, Spicy Basil, Orange bliss & Hot Guava Punch.

The Spicy Basil and Hot Guava Punch were among the innovative ones while the Peach Margarita tasted more like a Pina Colada with a tinge of Peach – all of them tasted quite nice. I would definitely recommend the Hot Guava for a different yet refreshing experience.

Starters – Most of the starters were quite tasty and following is a brief on each of them:

Jalepano Cheese balls with Salsa dip – Your regular cheese balls accompanied with a Salsa dip and served in a unique manner where your salsa dip is served along with each of the cheese ball. The cheese balls tasted like a regular preparation but were enhanced by the Salsa dip.

Butter Garlic Prawns – This for me was the stand-out dish of the evening and this is coming from someone who is not exactly crazy about prawns and their usual pungent smell. The prawns were juicy but the USP of this dish was the creamy sauce that was plain delightful and I gobbled it up in absolutely no time.

Veg Kulzza – This was easily the most innovative yet tasty preparation of the evening which happens to be a combination of your humble Kulcha and trendy Pizza ! I am not sure if it sounds exciting but the end result was good and the Kulcha base went well with the cheesy toppings of a usual vegetarian Pizza, good stuff indeed.

Malaysian Chicken Satay – This tasted like how a Chicken Satay should taste like with not a lot of Indianised interference, served with Pickled Cucumber and peanut sauce – went well with the Mocktails.

Murgh Tangdi Kebab – The first time this came on the table it was a bit under-grilled, I had to request them to grill it a bit more. The next serving was better and it was a decent preparation.

Tandoori Khumb – Cheesy mushrooms grilled in Tandoori flavors when done properly yields fantastic results and it was a delightful treat for the taste buds for sure.

Dal Makhni with Lacchha Parantha – The Dal Makhni was good here but we had heard a lot about it from their Staff and to be honest it wasn’t like a preparation that you haven’t had already elsewhere. The Lacchha Parantha however was amazing, it was fluffy, soft yet had a bit of a crunch in every bite and went really well with the Dal Makhni. This is all we could have after having a super-dose of the above starters.

Service – On a food tasting event the service is usually good and this one was no different, we were briefed about all the served dishes and given good recommendations.

Parking – Aundh, ITI Road is a busy area and they do have their own dedicated four wheeler parking which is definitely good news. One has to head towards the basement after taking directions from the security guard, be a little careful though as the way to basement is a little cramped but on a Saturday I could see ample parking space available for the Restaurant patrons.

Credits – We were taken good care by their staff comprising of Ms.Arti, Mr.Ishwar and Mr.Jayanta. I am grateful to Chef Milind who took some time off his busy schedule to sit with us at the table, made us feel comfortable and for being a gracious host.

I would definitely be back to taste more of Indian Stuff and I believe you should visit them too 🙂

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