Hotel Alankar Palace, Bhopal

Comfortable stay with good choice of breakfast !

Rating – 4/5.

While on a long drive of 1400 kms from Pune to Agra we had selected Bhopal as our pit stop for the night.

We were looking for a reasonable bed & breakfast accommodation facility without too many frills and Alankar Palace satisfied the criteria completely.

I was a bit skeptical about the place having read a few reviews on TripAdvisor so I called up the hotel before booking and had an honest chat with the Manager Mr. Sandeep Dubey who tried to clarify my doubts but was honest about the parking scenario.

Since the conversation felt sincere I decided to go ahead with the booking and I definitely didn’t regret it.

Location – It’s located a bit on the interior side but I was able to drive my SUV without a lot of issues during evening when the traffic is supposedly less in intensity. However to be honest it’s not centrally located on a wide road by any stature of imagination either.

Parking – This is a bit of a pain area as the space is limited to 4-5 cars right in front of the hotel by the side of the road. I wasn’t quite thrilled about the idea but the Manager had told me before about it and I went ahead so can’t really complain on this point but it would be great if some improvement can be done on this one. In the end I didn’t quite face any problems with the overnight parking but was still a bit concerned to say the least.

Rooms – We had gone for a standard type of room that came with a queen size bed with good quality of spring mattress. Also an extra mattress was provided for our daughter of 7 years which was fair enough as well. Room was pretty ok space wise though after the extra mattress it became a bit congested but we were not there to run so worked fine for an overnight stay. The fixtures and overall ambience was pretty good and came across as freshly designed.

The wifi was pretty basic with an average speed of less then 512Kbps, you could do some browsing and stuff with that though the cost was included in the room rent already.


The Washroom – It was again pretty clean and came with the usual washroom toiletries and towels etc. A separate set of bathroom slippers were provided as well.

The Breakfast – This was pretty decent as well having the following items – tea, coffee, fruity juice, chholay bhature, poha, cheese sandwich, onion bhajiya and idli sambhar.

The food fare was tasty and was served with good care by Mr.Yadav who looks after the restaurant.

The Staff – I found the reception and restaurant staff to be courteous and friendly while the junior staff for room service and housekeeping came across as people who require a bit more polishing while conversing with guests but nothing really to complain about.

Value for Money – It definitely was a Value for Money deal @ 1500 bucks through Makemytrip.

Despite parking being a touchy issue, my overall stay was fantastic and I would definitely want to stay here if given a chance for the same price 🙂

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