Copper Chimney, Phoenix Market City, Pune

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An experience of 1972 prices in 2016 !

Rating – 3.5/5

We had a gala time on a fine Tuesday evening when Copper chimney decided to offer their 1972 menu at 1972 prices ! This spectacle happened as part of their promotional offer in Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar on 5th & 6th December 2016.

I had accidentally seen a post on Facebook and that’s how came to know about the event and their concept of 1972 pricing. On a mundane Tuesday evening we reached at 7pm and there were lots and lots of people waiting to get in with a never seem to be ending waiting list. We were given a time of 9.30 pm as the time of seating and that was kind of unbelievable but that’s how it was. I couldn’t capture the ruckus at 7pm but this is the image at 10 pm when still people were waiting to get in.


Their PR agency had done a fine job about spreading the event it seems and we decided to wait, though we were never going to wait for two and a half hours. The Lady taking care of the waiting list was very professional and was duly calling people strictly as per the order who had gone elsewhere. We got a window of opportunity at around 7.30 pm when around 5-6 folks straight in the queue didn’t turn up and we were shown in to our Table, Yippeee !

The Ambience & Service – I was very much concerned about the service part of things as we entered the plush new yet rustic premises of Copper Chimney. Despite the crowd the tables were well spaced and didn’t really intrude into one’s privacy.

The place was guaranteed to be full for 99% of it’s operation time and this was a true test of their service efficiency and surprisingly they didn’t disappoint at all. They were well prepared to handle the crowd and still managed to serve on time without compromising the quality of dishes so hats off to the management, service staff and the cooking team 🙂 Our waiter Mr. Mintu Jha did a good job, can’t really point to couple of instances where the order was mixed up and despite being ready wasn’t delivered but given the volume of people I’ll give them a benefit of doubt.

Value for Money – The prices of the menu items read like the following – Reshmi Chicken tikka consisting of six pieces at 65 bucks while a Naan came at 7 bucks. It just couldn’t have got any better than this in terms of Value for Money and it definitely was “Once in a Blue Moon offer”. Have a look at the images of Menu and Bill as below:

The Food – In our excitement we wanted to try as many items from the menu so we ordered the following – Ab-E-Hayat Soup (V), Reshmi Kebab (NV), Chicken Chop, Tandoori Shashlik (Paneer) & Makai Malai Seekh (V) in starters, phew !

The best of the lot were Chicken Reshmi Kebab – so tender and mildly spicy, Chicken Chop – Chicken drumstick, Makai Malai Seekh – vegetarian variant of seekh kebab which was so tender and creamy that it was an awesome preparation.

The Main Course however was a bit disappointing with both their famed Chicken Bharta & Paneer Palak coming across as rather ordinary preparations and it was only their Dal Maharaja which added some sanity to the Main course.

The most disappointing item of the evening though was the Reshmi Chelo Kebab, being an Irani dish nobody really expects it to be spicy but this one was ordinary with the Kebab pieces intermingled in the blandest rice I have tasted in a long time.

The Verdict – They have started with a bang and their starters were top notch however with the rather underwhelming Main course I could only rate them 3.5. I am confident that they indeed have the potential of serving gastronomical wonders and I’ll be back for a recheck in the near future though the 1972 pricing would definitely be missed ):

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