Yo China, Phoenix Market City, Pune

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A cross between Desi & Authentic Chinese Food !

Rating – 3.5/5

Located at the Lower ground floor next to McDonalds in the Phoenix Market City the Yo China Cafe actually surprised me with their good food.

The Ambience – As the name suggests their seating is like that of a Cafe and the interiors are bright with options of comfy seating, high chairs and the usual table/sofa setting – wherein the Sofa has sunk in a bit and might be a tad uncomfortable due to difference in height with the table.

The Food – Almost all of the items we ordered ranged between fair to good and there isn’t really any complaint I would have on the quality of the food.

Chicken Manchow Soup – This came across as a different textured preparation with a tinge of Green compared to the usual brown but it tasted pretty Okay though nothing to write home about.

img_1883Chicken Chilly Dry – This was a good chilly chicken preparation with less of desi spices compared to most Chinese places in the city with exception of Mainland China. The chicken pieces were a little crispy and came with just the right amount of seasoning and salad.

Chicken Lollipops – Though a little on the milder side, it was a fair enough preparation and is an ideal choice for kiddos.

img_1888Tender Chicken in Mangolian Sauce – This was easily the best preparation of the evening and the sauce was yummy and went well with the rice preparation, definitely recommended for Main Course. The preparation came with tender chunks of chicken which definitely were so tender that it did complete justice to the preparation’s name.

Chicken Chilly Garlic Rice – The preparation was good in taste but had a sea-food kind of smell which was a turn off but it still went well when mixed with the Mangolian sauce tender chicken chunks.

The Service – The service was a mixed bag as their Captain/Manager himself takes the orders and is able to recommend dishes very well and their serving time is pretty reasonable as well. However some of the other staff came across as pretty casual, somewhat disinterested and one guy in particular as had to remind him at-least 3-4 times for replenishing our water glasses. Not once he seemed interested in re-filling by his own choice so that came across as something which I just couldn’t neglect and definitely results in the way I am going to rate them on an overall scale.

Value for Money – The prices are not on the moderate side of the scale and a three course family dinner or lunch would easily cost you 1500+ . This amount is inclusive of Service tax and their mandatory Service charge of 7% though they are not charging VAT in the final bill so it more or less equalizes in the end in terms of extra taxes/charges.

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