Mojo Pizza, Viman Nagar, Pune

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A “Mauj-waala” Pizza !

Rating – 4/5

Mojo Pizza – a fairly new delivery only place located in Viman Nagar has potential to give serious competition to the rest of the players in the Pizza genre in the days to come. I hope they are able to sustain their consistency in taste and delivery time however in one of the samplings I did Today, they came out with flying colors on both the parameters.

Their tagline being “More Pizza Per Pizza” through double toppings did hold true as it was indeed refreshing to see generous amount of toppings on the end product which are the essence of any good Pizza. What also went in favor of them was a base that came across freshly baked and was fluffy enough which went well with the toppings and the generous quantity of cheese.

The Chicken Full smash Pizza (530 + 90 for Medium + extra cheese) – This was the one I liked the most and it came with three types of chicken toppings – Chicken tikka, Roasted chicken and Chicken kebab to go with black olives, paprika, capsicum and onions. Each bite had a juicy taste of the various ingredients and the extra cheese only further enhanced the flavors. This had all the makings of a tasty pizza and it was refreshing to taste something different as otherwise the pizza story was becoming quite redundant from the two major players !

The Fire Me Up Chicken Pizza (350 + 90 for Medium + extra cheese) – This was still a good one with chunks of BBQ Chicken and Spicy chicken along with spicy Jalapenos and baby corn giving this one a slightly spicy flavor but nothing that can’t be negotiated if you can eat medium spicy food. Again the extra cheese only made matters gooey and interesting and really nothing to complain about in taste at all.

Delivery and overall experience – They commit a delivery completion within 45 minutes of order placement and my order was delivered within 35 minutes though I would have liked the pizza to be hot but it was only lukewarm to be honest. However with the good quality base it didn’t really interfere with the taste and texture of Pizza even after microwaving it. I hope they can work more on this aspect and try to deliver the pizza as warm/hot as possible.

From an overall perspective of quality, quantity and value for money dimensions I found the deal a good value for money and a viable alternative when in a mood to have a quick Pizza party.

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