Burger 11, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

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Gourmet Burgers Indeed !

Rating – 4/5

Burger11 is a delivery only place which operates from 7.30 pm till about 4.30 am and delivers within 4-5 km radius of Kalyani Nagar, KP and Viman Nagar. I had the pleasure of ordering them through means of a food tasting invite and it was burgastic indeed 🙂 Let me dive straight into the review:

Masaala fries (Rs.120) – The fries were big (the way I like it) but as luck would have it – quite a bit of sogginess had taken over the preparation. Looks promised so much but the end result was a bit soggy. Don’t think there’s any solution for the parceled fries not to be soggy but that’s how it was.

Chicken Buster Burger (Rs.240) – Whoa, the first bite sent my taste buds tingling – it was a medium spicy burger with lots of cheese and the jalapenos contributing the spices with a tinge of mustard evident in every bite. It had all the things going for it – the bun was soft, chicken patty was quite a mouthful (thick & juicy) and it never felt that there was any attempt to trivialize the filling.

Chicken 11 Burger (Rs.240) – This had more of a contemporary taste but I am glad that it tasted different from the Chicken Buster (always a good sign).It was more of a mild and pleasantly tasting burger with tomatoes and cheese adding the mildness dimension while a brush of olive oil made matters interesting. I personally liked this one more than the buster but both the burgers were pretty good to be really honest. It had all the qualities of the buster like the chicken patty being thick and juicy and not overcooked at all.


Chicken Wings (Rs.240) – To sum this up quickly, the wings were not the crispy types and a bit of sogginess was evident. I found this to be an average preparation with only a subtle taste of honey on the outer covering making up the marinade yet the rest of the dish came across as bland.

PBn’J Cookie Sandwich (Rs.120) – It was huge for a cookie and the major ingredients were peanut butter and jam. I am not a huge fan of peanut butter but then it’s a matter of personal preference. It came across as a fair enough preparation, however I would love to try their Choco Brownie or the Choco Fudge cookie sandwich someday as I really love my chocolates.

The Verdict – The rating is just based on their fabulous burgers as that’s how they position themselves. Now you may ask would I order a burger at 240 bucks when in such a price a decent quantity biryani can be ordered but then you can order a dozen wada-paavs in that amount as well. So it’s not really the quantity against the bucks spent I am talking about here 🙂 I hope you get the drift ! If Burger is really your idea of an evening/midnight meal then you’re definitely in for a tasty treat and I would say it almost offers a bang for your bucks. It’s not like your familiar and overexposed MNC Burger chains’ like burger but is definitely a gourmet delight for all the burger fans !

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