Mysha’s Biryani, Wagholi, Pune

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Biryani for the milder taste buds !

Rating – 3.5/5

Quick Facts
Delivery experience – 3/5
Biryani Variant – Lucknawi (very mild)
Biryani Taste and Texture – 3.5/5
Value for Money – 3/5 (Rs.190 for Chicken biryani, serves 1)
Address – Delivery only, Wagholi
Contact – Mr.Javed, 9561188433 for delivery


A delivery only place located in Wagholi, Mysha’s Biryani as the name suggests their speciality lies in the Awadhi style Biryani (read Lucknawi style) or at-least that’s the way they position themselves. They do have a few kebabs and curries to order as well but I tend to ignore other items when positioned against my favorite food, of-course a yummy Biryani. Reading a reference on a Facebook group it excited me as the biryanimaster is always on the look out for a bite of an authentic biryani especially in Pune.

The Delivery experience – They deliver for free in the vicinity of Wagholi and for areas like Kharadi and Wadgaon Sheri you need to order minimum two pax of biryani and that day they happened to deliver a kilo pack to someone in Chandan Nagar so I went to fetch the order as the person couldn’t deliver to my place two kms away. So unless you’re ordering by the Kilo it doesn’t look to be a straight-forward process to order it if you’re not in Wagholi. As they grow I am sure they will look into this aspect to make the delivery process a bit more friendly.

The Biryani Postmortem – When I look for awesomeness in Biryani I check if it is able to comply with the following:

  1. Is the Biryani moist or is it the dry types – It was moist  and not dry at all.
  2. Are the Mutton/Chicken pieces tender – They were full of taste and a bit tender.
  3. Is it the spicy types or more aromatic – Being a Lucknawi variant it was less on the spices level.
  4. Does the rice blend well in terms of taste – The Chicken pieces had a good taste however the rice came across a bit on the bland side which was a bit of a deal breaker for me. Understand it’s a Lucknawi variant but the flavors were a bit too washed out. Though it tasted fine if had with morsels of Chicken since the chicken had a fair bit of flavors.

Value for Money – At a 190 bucks per Chicken Biryani it doesn’t quite burn a hole in your pocket but why I am not rating them very high on this parameter since it came with only two medium sized chicken pieces. Moreover the quantity was just enough for a single person and at that price point I have seen better deals on both the above parameters.

The Verdict – In case your taste-buds are oriented towards the milder side of things go for this without any doubts but just in case if you’re a spicy Hyderabadi Biryani fan it might not turn out to be the greatest of experiences. I however have grown on the Mughlai and Awadhi Biryani preparations of Delhi and Lucknow respectively and it’s a thumbs up from my end with the aforementioned caveats. Lastly when I gave them the feedback they were ready to customize the biryani slightly with the spice level of their customers so you may ask for it if you like your biryani to be spicy.

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