Zora, Ishanya Mall, Pune

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A decent experience with Progressive Indian Cuisine !

Rating – 3.5/5

Having heard a lot about Zora on this forum and otherwise we decided to have our Anniversary Dinner just for the sake of trying something different as this place offers their own twist in the Indian Cuisine.

Ambience is fairly decent, the sofa seating is comfortable and the lighting is dim indoors which made some of the snaps grainier than I would have liked them to be. Both outdoor and indoor seating options are available and we chose to sit indoors.

Food is mostly “progressive” (as in Joravar’s words) cum fusion which may or may not appeal to everyone’s taste buds however this is perhaps one place where I tasted some real spicy food and they don’t kid with that aspect for sure. So if the Captain says a particular dish is spicy you better believe it and order accordingly especially if you’re accompanied by your kids. We personally don’t mind spicy food and good spicy food really enlightens us.

Except the items mentioned under “Parampara” rest all of the Menu items will come with one kind of twist or the other but if you want to stick with traditional Indian Cuisine you can order the Parampara tagged items though I haven’t tried any in this outing of mine.

We tried the following dishes – Indian Summer Chicken Soup, Sambal Masala Chicken Cakes, Saffron Murgh Tikka, Mutton Boti Biryani and Chocolate Puri.

Except the Indian Summer Chicken Soup which was mostly bland and watery rest of the dishes were good with the Sambal Masala Chicken cake being the best of the evening, it was spicy, tender and juicy but not recommended for kids. I found the Saffron Murgh Tikka decent and Mutton Boti Biryani pretty good.

My Daughter relished the Chocolate Puris and the concept of making your own Puri on the table with the provided ingredients does get kids excited a lot 🙂

Some observations:

Service – The service we experienced fared from somewhat attentive to delayed for a good part of our meal. Though the personal recommendations from Joravar were good, the actual serving time and getting the server’s attention was a tad difficult and this aspect can definitely be improved.

Value for Money – The portion sizes for some of the items of the Ala-carte Menu like that of Mutton Biryani takes the Value for Money quotient to a lower level. The portion sizes of most of the dishes that you would order 400+ bucks might turn out to be sufficient for one person only the bang for your bucks is something which might not be optimal.

The Verdict – It’s a place which needs to be visited once and then one can decide if the taste and overall experience fits to your liking.

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