Behrouz Biryani, Kharadi, Pune

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A fragrant biryani for the milder taste buds !

Rating – 3/5


The Behrouz biryani is famous for it’s packaging and the delivery done Tonight was no different, everything was immaculately packed and the biryani was warm enough without the need to be reheated.

So I am the biryanimaster and when it comes to Biryani it is difficult to impress me so this was always going to be a tall order and based on some of the other reviews lack of spices is something some folks have complained about. In my opinion if you’re going to compare this variant with a spicy hyderabadi biryani you’re not going to like it ever. The level of spiceness shouldn’t be a criteria for a biryani being good or bad in my humble opinion.

Points in favor of the Dum Gosht Biryani (Rs.325)

  1. Biryani was fragrant and moist, the last thing you want is the biryani to be dry !
  2. The flavors were mild and subtle but the preparation was not bland by any stature of imagination.
  3. The mutton chunks 5-6 in number were tender, juicy and blended well with the rice and comes in a boneless variant.
  4. The accompanying Gulab Jamun was delicious and a great way to finish off the meal.
  5. The Biryani box was self-sufficient, came with it’s own set of plastic cutlery, ideal for ordering in office spaces where cutlery can be a problem.
  6. Not everyone likes dry fruits in their biryani however I liked it as it went with the overall mild theme of the Biryani and gave a sort of crunchy bite.
  7. The quantity was fair enough for the price and is like for 1.25 people with a moderate diet.

Areas of improvement

  1. The accompanying Masala in rice is proportionally less in quantity compared to the fragrant rice.
  2. The last quarter of the Biryani became a little bland in absence of the masala rice.
  3. The accompanying Raita doesn’t quite add any value to the meal as it’s a bit watery and lacks any serious flavors. With the biryani preparation already being mild on spices the raita doesn’t offer anything to add.
  4. Since the price is premium for their biryani, it would have been better to include Mirchi ka saalan along with the dish which might balance out the flavors.

The Verdict

The good points outnumber the area of improvements in my experience but the impact that the quantity of Masala had on my meal was something I couldn’t ignore as this must be the usual case unless they decide to do something about it.  This biryani wouldn’t certainly blow your mind away but if you like your biryani flavors to be mild it might just do the job for you !

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