Oh Freak! FC Road, Pune

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Waffles & Shakes Gallore !

Rating – 4/5

Quick facts
Location – Sant Tukaram Chowk, Opposite FC Collge, FC Road, next to Marrakesh.
Type – For Waffles & Shakes.
Damages – In the range of less than 400 for two.

This is a cute little outlet only 10 days old opened on FC Road right next to and on top of Marrakesh. The outlet is dedicated to a variety of milkshakes and waffles.

I was here as part of a blogger’s table and we had a variety of shakes and waffles at our disposal. Talking about the waffles, these were not just your regular syrup based waffles but some of them were quite innovative like the “Strawberry Waffle” under the Sundaes category (Rs.220) served with Belgium Chocolate and Vanilla Ice-cream.

The usual waffles with chocolate, vanilla and maple syrups are also available but go for these “hatke” waffles in my opinion like “The Brownie Waffle” under the classic category (Rs.190) which comes with Red Velvet waffle topped with Brownie crumble.

Among the shakes we had the variants of Jim Jam (Rs.120), Oreo (Rs.120) , Go Bananas with Peanut butter (Rs.160 – for the peanut butter lover), Kit Kat shake and of-course The Birthday Cake Freak shake.

Among the shakes I loved the Kit Kat shake (Rs.145), a thick shake with kit-kat chunks is the best thing you can treat yourself to. The Birthday Cake Freak shake (Rs.350) was quite a handful too and it was able to capture the flavors of a fruit based cake with strawberry being the chief ingredient.
Usually a Sundae or a classic waffle with a couple of shakes is all you would require for a meal for two if you are a waffles and shakes person.

They are in the process of adding some savoury items like Garlic breads, Pizzas and drifting towards the sweeter side of things – some variants of pastries as well.

The Verdict – Go for it if you have a sweet tooth like me and hopefully you wouldn’t be disappointed !

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