Coco – Sushi & Bar, Onyx Tower, Mundhwa – Pune

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Coco is an experience and feels like a privileged one at that !

Rating 4.5/5

Coco is one of it’s kind members only Lounge cum Bar recently opened in Onyx Tower, Mundhwa, Pune. The idea here is to have a dedicated Members only space though the Members will be able to book for their friends as “Guests” who will then be able to experience the place as well. Membership at the moment is up for grabs and one can call the Club directly for becoming a member. Monday is an off day while the Club Nights(Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) are Members only exclusive events starting at 11.30 pm and lasting till early Morning.

The place comes with a top of the line DJ System and I can only imagine how those parties are going to be – some foot tapping Music combined with tasty food and swanky Ambience.

The Ambience – The setup is pre-dominantly dark but can be controlled to be brighter if the need be. It is not an extremely huge place but just enough to have 70 covers, I guess the idea is not to concentrate on quantity but on quality by all means. It does give an exclusive feel and you have to be here to experience what I am talking about.

Apart from the Tables with couches, they do have a private cabin of sorts where you can gaze over the city lights and is ideal for privacy seeking groups. In a nutshell the Ambience is classy and goes well with the Lounge/bar theme.

The Food – The food is predominantly Oriental (inclusive of Japanese, Chinese, Thai) – Asian cuisine comprising of Sushi, Dimsums, Sea food delicacies, some lip-smacking soups & Desserts, if you like this kind of cuisine this place offers a great experience indeed. Moreover the presentation is absolutely impeccable and portion sizes are decent if not very generous. Following is a brief about the dishes I liked as below:

The Mocktails – I had a couple of them and the Watermelon based Mocktail (on the left) trumped the Pineapple mocktail by a slight whisker.


Spicy Squid Salad

Spicy Squid Salad (Rs.240) – This salad actually grew on me, I wasn’t too thrilled after the first bite but the spicy squid combined with spiced cucumbers did the job for me and I ended up finishing up the salad single handedly.


Pop Chicken Sushi Rolls

Pop Chicken Sushi Rolls (Rs.600) – Near perfect Sushi rolls with a crunchy chicken filling, worked really well with the supplied dips and wasabi paste.


California Sushi Rolls

California Sushi rolls (Rs.550) –  Though Sushi rolls in vegetarian sounds a bit unique , nevertheless is a good choice for Vegetarian folks.


Chicken Shiitaki Dumplings

Chicken Shiitaki Dumplings (Rs.270) – Steamed dumplings with a medium spiced and delicious chicken filling was something I did enjoy.


Crispy Lotus Stem

Crispy Lotus Stem (Rs.190) – Even in my wildest of imaginations I would never have thought of such an innovative preparation including your humble lotus stem. Each morsel was crispy and came with a sweetish flavor, probably must have been honey glazed. Despite being a vegetarian starter I ended up galloping it the most I guess.


Sesame Sichuan Snapper

Sesame Sichuan Snapper (Rs.360) – This came across as a good option in Mains and the snapper was cooked well and went relatively good with the gravy (medium spicy) and a spicy dip balanced the combination when eaten with the accompanying noodles.


Smoked Chocolate Moussecake

Wasabi Ice-cream (Rs.180) & Smoked Chocolate Moussecake (Rs.180) – The Wasabi Ice-cream was innovative and good with a suble taste of Wasabi as anything more than subtle would be difficult to eat since it’s Wasabi, overall I liked the preparation but couldn’t capture the pic. The Moussecake on the other hand was soft and gooey with a bit of smoky flavor and was a perfect way to finish an interesting yet delicious meal.

Value for Money & Verdict – It promises a sense of fine dining experience and considering the location and atmosphere the pricing isn’t over the top. Most of the dishes are priced as a portion size for one person and there’s an option to order for two, consequently the price increases. For instance the Pop Chicken Sushi rolls are priced at 300/650 for 4/8 pieces respectively. This is going to become a party destination for a lot of people and requires an urgent visit for sure, a quick call to make a reservation would definitely be recommended.

Other dishes’ quick capture just for the pleasure of some outstanding presentation.



Crispy Conji Sliced Lamb


Rock Corn Dynamite (Veg)


Veg Dumpling


Tender Coconut Mousse


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