On Fire – Wakad, Pune

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An exceptional Value for Money Buffet !

Rating – 4/5

Quick Facts
Where – On Fire, 6th Floor, Sanskriti Arcade, Kaspate Vasti, Wakad Pune.
What – Buffet Lunch on Fri-Sun only, Ala Carte comprising of Asian/Continental/Indian for Lunch (Mon-Thu) & Dinner (All Days)
Pricing – Extremely reasonable (read the VFM section for the actual price)
Child Policy – Buffet Free for the little ones till 5 years of Age, 50% charge for kids less than 10.

Buffets these days are touching new heights both in terms of popularity & prices and if there’s something I adore after kebabs & biryanis then it is a hearty buffet meal indeed. This arrangement however comes with its on own set of problems like unending list of items present just for making up the numbers with no great taste, inflated prices etc.

The Buffet at On Fire is an exception to the above in the sense that firstly the buffet here doesn’t quite contain innumerable items, the standard here is to have 3Veg/3 Non-Veg Starters, 1 Soup each for Veg/Non-Veg, 4 types of Salads, 2 Veg Main Course, 2 NV Main Course, 4 sides like Plain rice/Biryani & Daal etc, followed by 4 desserts. So as is evident it is not an elaborate buffet by any stature of imagination. However in this arrangement lies their strength as well as their focus is to prepare these dishes with utmost care and quality so that these numbers themselves prove sufficient and I can’t deny the fact that the food on the whole did leave a good impression !

Ambience & Location – Located in Kaspate Vasti, Wakad close to Mankar Chowk, On Fire is housed in Sanskriti Arcade on the 6th Floor – rooftop of the building. It is a covered rooftop and the ambience feels good during the evening surrounded by lights all around. Parking slots are reserved in the building’s basement and a lift from the Parking takes you right up-to the 5th floor from where you take the stairs to the rooftop.

Since it is a covered rooftop, fans take care of all the cooling aspects of the surroundings and there’s no Air-conditioning available. While we were there on a Sunday, rainy afternoon the heat wasn’t a concern at all and I think it won’t be an issue for the rest of the year.

IMG_7398Food & Drinks – They used to have live grill on the Table and they might be starting it again in the near future however as of now the starters are served on the Table. We started with the soups and both the Veg Manchow & Chicken Hot n Sour were decent preparations. Some of the items I liked, a description in brief as below:


Chicken 65 – A good one.


Chicken Pahadi Kebab – Best of the lot !


Mac & Cheese Ball – Ideal starter for kids.

Among all the starters the Chicken Pahadi Kebab, Cheese Balls, Veg Crispy & Chicken 65 were pretty good with BBQ Meat Balls being above average but the Paneer Tikka failed to impress me a lot. However overall I was pretty satisfied with the starters.

In the Mains both Mutton Banjara & Dum ka Murg were pretty decent preparations and I was satisfied with the preparations to go along with the breads and accompandied green peas pulao. A Biryani would just have been an icing on the cake but it sometimes finds its place on the menu as it changes from Friday to Sunday but it would be great to have it on the Sunday Menu for sure.

Desserts – This was one area from the 3 courses that in my view required improvements. None of the desserts from the Gajar Halwa, Gulabjamun & Shahi Tukda could leave an impression on me. Taste of Shahi Tukda was still decent compared to the rest but the bread had gone completely soggy to ruin the preparation for me. The scoops of ice-cream were the only saving grace but they were pre-packaged so tasted how they would taste in an icecream stall which leaves a bit to be desired on the rest of the desserts from the restaurant side.

The Ala Carte Food – They also have an elaborate Ala-carte menu comprising of Asian/Oriental, Continental, Italian & Indian preparations and on being offered to try some dishes from the Ala-carte we ordered some Mocktails (Fruit Punch, Mandarin – Rs 175 each), Chef’s Wonder Non Veg Kebab Pizza (Rs.275 for a 10 inch Pizza). Some of the snaps & descriptions from the Ala Carte Menu as below:

All the Mocktails namely the Fruit Punch, Mandarin and a special chocolate based smoothie created especially for kids were good enough to go with the starters and I would recommend all of them to go with the Buffet preparations.


Lamb Chops – A decent preparation

Lamb Chops – This was a decent preparation that could have attained greater heights if the meat could have been a little more tender. The marination however was fine and overall it was a decent preparation.


Chef’s wonder Non Veg Kebab Pizza

Chef’s wonder Non Veg Kebab Pizza – This was a thin crust version but committed a cardinal sin for a thin crust pizza being soggy and not crunchy. Having said the toppings were pretty decent but anything after a somewhat soggy base is bound to go a little downhill and that’s what happened here as well.

VFM & Verdict – Now comes the most interesting part of the buffet which incidentally happens to be the price of 471 bucks inclusive of taxes that comes with an unlimited serving of a soft drink laid out in the buffet. I would definitely recommend the buffet based on the quality of items, tendered service and the overall easygoing atmosphere the place offered. At 475 bucks this is an absolute value for money buffet that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in Pune.

Go for it and after taking everything into consideration you won’t regret it hopefully 🙂

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