Unwind – Mundhwa – Pune

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Feels good to unwind at Unwind !

Rating – 4/5.

DSC03981The latest buzz in this part of the town i.e. close to KP towards Mundhwa near the surroundings of Raga Lawns / Hard Rock Cafe is Unwind. They have three separate kind of seating areas with Al Fresco seating at the ground floor, Bistro (at the upper level) & a Night Club (at ground floor) which is a work in progress but should be up pretty soon. The initial looks of the Night Club are impressive with lots and lots of colored LEDs making up the most of the lighting aspects of the place.

Ambience – The Ambience is pretty classy all round, the Al Fresco seating at the ground level is the place where live screenings are done and there’s a dedicated space for gigs and live performances to go so this is where all the action would be apart from the Nightclub which is right opposite to this seating area which would be a happening place on it’s own too.

While I was here with a couple of other bloggers we settled at their Bistro, we were led in by a wooden set of stairs and with all the greenery around I quite liked the set up at their Bistro at the Upper level.

The Bistro offered comfy seating with wooden sofas and cushions all around, foot tapping music in the background and view of greenery in the foreground at a rainy evening was all what I needed for a perfect setup !

The Drinks – From a teetotalers point of view I tasted three mocktails during the course of the evening. While the two mint based Mocktails – Summer of 69 & Virgin Mojito were almost identical with Mint being the chief ingredient.

It was the Strawberry based Mocktail that I really liked though the Mojito tasted like as it should have so no real complaints there at all.

The Food – We had lots and lots of Food that kept flowing throughout the evening with all kind of cuisines lining up our table though predominantly it was Asian & Indian Food. I must say the food was largely good and Chef Atul Kanade has done a pretty good job with some sumptuous starters & Mains that promises quite a bit at Unwind. Being a new kid on the block I believe there will be some ongoing teething issues and a little bit of fine tuning here and there will take care of a few minor glitches the feedback for which was aptly conveyed while we were there during the tasting.


Mushroom flatbread – The best of the lot.

This will become a never ending Saga if I write about everything we tasted while we were at it so I am going to talk in brief about some of my favorites and items I would like to recommend:

The Zafrani Murg Tikka & Murg Anari Seekh were the best starters of the evening for me with the Zafrani Tikka being the best preparation of the evening for me. It was all one could ever want in a perfect chicken tikka – it was tender, juicy yet properly chargrilled and I just loved it. For a minced Chicken starter the Murg Anari Seekh was pretty tender and tasty with pearls of pomegranates used for garnishing giving the dish it’s glowing look.

Other Non Veg starters – Both the variants of Prawns were pretty decent and well cooked while among the assorted Dimsums I liked the Prawns variant the most. The one with the Chicken filling had the surprise element of Wasabi which could be a little more subtle as it completely overpowered the dish.


Indo Thai Seekh – Soft & Juicy, this melt in the mouth Veg starter could be easily confused with a Non Veg preparation as it was so well prepared.

The Mains – We had our Mains centered around Burnt Chilli Rice & Chilli Garlic Sauce with Fish, Lahori Murg & Garlic Naans. Having lost most of our appetite to the starters we somehow managed to taste the Mains and overall they were good.


Burnt Chili Garlic Rice

Burnt Chili Garlic Rice – A veg preparation this was the best dish of the Mains, it was crunchy, a bit sweet, a bit sour and the presentation was perfect as well. This went well with the Fish in Garlic Sauce so this can be a good combo to order if you like.


Lahori Murg

Lahori Murgh – This was a preparation which was a bit on the sweeter side, gave me a feel of butter chicken flavor if I were to have it blind-folded however the differing factor was a bit of a Coconut flavor. It was a decent preparation to go with Garlic Naans.


Chocolate Mudpie – Yummylicious

The Chocolate Mudpie – This came in I think in three layers with a hint of caramel right in the bottom layer that probably gave it a bit of a salty feel. It was a bit gooey on the top layer and a little crunchy towards the bottom layer, overall I was pretty satisfied with the dessert and though I haven’t tasted any other dessert here but this one is definitely recommended.

The Verdict – With a few misses but majority of hits as far as the food is concerned and couple with some really classy and spacious Ambience I am sure this is going to be the hottest party destinations in the days to come so it’s a definite recommendation from my end for sure.

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