Genuine Broaster Chicken – Amanora Mall, Pune

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A genuinely fresh kind of Place !

Rating – 4/5

*Quick facts
What – It is essentially a Fried Chicken chain popular in America since 60 years making their foray in Pune now.
Where – 2nd Floor, Amanora Mall.
Cuisine – Finger Food including Fried Chicken (in different flavors), Chicken Wings, Indian, Freak Shakes / Desserts.
Damages – 600-900 bucks for two.
Timings – All day dining from 11am to 12 Midnight.
USP – Some genuinely flavored fried chicken which is less oily and more tender than the leading counterpart, along with some interesting selection of Mocktails, freak shakes and desserts makes this an interesting combination for me !

Without going into too much technicality, the term Broaster is named after their Broaster fryer which fries the chicken with a combination of deep frying in oil along with pressure. As per the claims this results in 50% less oily end product and keeps it more tender than their competition. A claim which I will endorse though I can’t really compare it in percentages but I can vouch that the fried chicken was definitely less oily than what I expected !

Service – Even for tasting events like these service has become of paramount importance to me as off-late some establishments and their oversmart PRs think that they are doing a service to humanity by inviting bloggers for tastings, details on that I’ll leave it to another post. However here despite a few teething problems with confusion on orders and slight delays I was overall satisfied with this parameter. Though as part of my feedback this area needs some improvement, being only 3 weeks old I’ll give them a benefit of doubt for now. No issues on the hospitality part of their Marketing Manager Mr.Saurabh  who hosted us perfectly for the tasting !

Ambience – It is not an extremely spacious proposition by any stature of imagination, with a 45-50+ covers when full can get a bit noisy and tables extremely close to each other leaves little room for privacy. The presentation is otherwise bright and the seating is mostly comfortable and the overall atmosphere is well for a casual and a bit loud sort of outing.

The Food – Apart from the fried chicken and other finger food they do serve Indian cuisine as well. Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has curated the Indian Menu items and the Indian food did surprise us with it’s taste, it is a nice option to go with some junk food and a win win option towards your overall calorie intake. I almost found everything up-to the mark in whatever we chose to eat except for a couple of items, here’s a brief on what we tasted:

The Drinks – PalangTod (Rs 199) – It is a combination of Red Bull and Coffee Liqueur and is intended for folks who are a fan of both. It is guaranteed to evoke extreme reaction and personally I didn’t like it a lot owing to it’s slightly bitter taste.


Bulbul & Chulbul – Soda based drinks.

Chulbul & Bulbul (Rs 129 each) – These were the soda based drinks and went extremely well with the appetizers, for teetotalers like me it is a decent option other than the mundane soft drinks.

The Chocolate Wreck Freakshake – This is a must order if you have a kid in your group, a perfect combination of Oreo, kitkat and chocolate that makes for a thick and yummilicious beverage to go with the food. #highlyrecommended

The Food – I found both their signature Fried Chicken & Chicken wings a lot “hatke” simply because it wasn’t just fried preparations. They came in different flavors and I actually liked eating the wings more than anything and my favorites being Butter Garlic, Kung Pao, Kasundi and Narangi flavors. It was the first time I experienced Chicken wings in such varied flavors and I loved it. To experience the different flavors Assorted Wings (Rs 519/Rs 259 for 12/6 pieces) works well while the Broaster Platter (Rs 399/Rs 219 for 12/6 pieces) is an appetizing choice as well. The accompanying dips of Curry Mango, Classy Jalapeno and Thai Sweet chilly helped in enhancing the flavors further.

The Lamb Rogan Josh Burger (Rs 299) – This one made for an interesting name and visual appeal, however the interesting part couldn’t sustain as far as the taste was concerned. I couldn’t really associate the taste of the Lamb Patty with that of a Rogan Josh preparation else it had decent taste for a usual burger. At the available price it might not be the most value for money item in it’s current form though !


Non Veg Ghotala Kichadi

Non Veg Ghotala Khichadi (Rs 319) – This was a pretty decent preparation, if you’re like me whose meal is incomplete without an Indian preparation then this is the one for you. You can call this as a Pulao flavored with chicken keema and mutton chunks in a flavorful rice, a very good choice in Indian cuisine.


Galouti Lamb Rogan Josh

Galouti Lamb Rogan Josh (Rs 299) – Another item in Indian Cuisine that really didn’t leave a mark as Garam masala was a bit uneven in this one. One can view this as a usual mutton masaala gravy and I couldn’t find any connection with the term Galouti or the signature taste of Mutton Rogan josh in this preparation.

The Desserts – In Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream(Rs 159) & Salted Caramel Lava Cake(Rs 169) we had the desserts to polish off our Lunch. The Chocolate Samosa appeared a bit too crunchy (probably was over-fried) while the Lava Cake was an ideal candidate for the finale, it was all that you would hope in a Lava cake. It was gooey, warm, had ample amount of melted chocolate to end our meal on a positive note.

The Verdict – It is a good value for money place for most of the items and I would anytime prefer this over the more popular chains offering in the same domain simply because the fried chicken is less oily, the place offers a vast menu covering something for everyone – mocktails, freakshakes, pastas, pizzas, Indian cuisine items & Desserts ! Go for it while you’re at the Amanora Mall.


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