Rajasthani Food Festival@Orchid Boulevard, Pune

A Vegetarian Food Fiesta !

Rating – 3.5/5

Among the various Food Festivals that run in Pune at any given time if anyone knows how to live the theme fully it will be the folks from Orchid. The above is one such example of a customized replica of Hawa Mahal at the entrance !


Just before the entrance you would be greeted in traditional Rajasthani style custom with a Tilak on the go and a delicious Lassi to gorge upon full of nuts, I loved it.

Moving on to the event/food itself, everything had a good Rajasthani touch to it as one would feel and as aforementioned they’re pretty good at it, right from the various stalls to the food and drinks.

Coming to the food, from starters I really loved the Palak Tosh to be the best among the various starters though Veg Seekh Kebab & Veg Crispy were pretty decent. Palak Tosh had a good amount of crunchiness going for it’s bread along with a seasoning of Palak (spinach)/Cheese on the top. From the Mains the Paneer Masaala, Gobind Gatta Dry, Ram Khichdi and the various Baatis (Paneer/Masaala) were pretty decent.

From the Desserts section, I liked the Choorma Laddu, Rasmalai, Moong daal halwa and Malai Ghevar. 

In a nutshell the festival is a decent option for Vegetarian Food Lovers though 1050 AI  can be thought of as a bit pricey however the spread is huge. There was also a stall of Ice Gola in various flavor which my kiddo enjoyed a lot.

The festival is up till 6th August Dinner and is available during both the Lunch/Dinner Timings.

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