Indigo Delicatessen, Koregaon Park – Pune.

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Exclusive Pre-Launch Tasting@Indigo Deli !

Rating – 4/5

Indigo Deli is opening to Public in Koregaon Park on 22nd August 2017 and I was a part of an exclusive list of Bloggers for the Pre-Launch Tasting session and largely it went well.


The Ambience & Location – The Ambience differs a bit from their Phoenix Market City location as it has been KPed to a certain extent to be in tune with the usual crowd thronging the by-lanes of Koregaon Park. The light is adjustable from being pleasant bright to extremely bright and the overall feel is pleasant and easygoing while the tables are well spread which allow you to have the feeling of privacy over a quick lunch or dinner. Located at the junction of Lane number 6 the place is equipped with Valet parking which comes as such a huge relief in the busy lanes of KP 🙂

HBNM2078The Drinks – As a teetotaler I am always on the lookout for places that can serve decent Mocktails and many places do disappoint on this aspect. One unique ingredient of the mocktails is the cold pressed juice for the fruit based mocktails instead of the fruit syrups used in majority of the places. This gives a healthy aspect to your drink but at the same time it gives a sort of fruit juice flavor to the Mocktails so to each his own but I certainly didn’t mind it ! I had a mocktail each of Pineapple/Peach/Mint based, Guava based & Litchi based mocktails and though all of them were pretty decent I liked the Litchi one the best.

The Food – As is the range of Food at Indigo Deli, they are typically a place which serves Western / Continental Cuisine and they’re fairly good at it. However one needs to have their expectations and food orientations sorted before you land up here. The food here is not Indianised and I can say it’s pretty similar to what I have tasted in North America during my two year stint in Vancouver, Canada. For folks with activated Indian taste buds please keep your expectations honest and you certainly won’t be disappointed 😉


Roasted Cauliflower, truffle & parmesean with sage oil & Cajun Lavash


The Soup – Roasted Cauliflower, truffle & parmesean with sage oil & Cajun Lavash

I really surprised myself when I felt that I am liking this Cauliflower based vegetarian soup, the roasted cauliflowers offered a crunchy bite in this thick and flavorful soup, it is recommended for sure.


Salad of the Day – Mixed Lettuce, fennel, apple, dried cranberries & candied walnuts

Salad of the Day – Mixed Lettuce, fennel, apple, dried cranberries & candied walnuts.

This was quite a handful and it tasted as good as it looked, feta cheese with dried cranberries and candied walnuts when had with fresh lettuce and apple really evoked some serious flavors. I never knew I had the capacity to finish an entire serving of a Salad on my own. Biryanimaster galloping a Salad is a rare sight indeed, hell yeah it was that good !

The Pizzas – Both the Vegetarian & Chicken Pizzas were equally good in their own rights and they were not thin crust but wafer thin crust !! They were crunchy full of cheese and was everything that a Pizza needs to be. It wasn’t soggy at all and since the Chicken Pizza was in a BBQ sauce it was expectedly a little sweet but it didn’t spoil the deal for me for sure.


The Deli Roast Chicken – This was one item which I enjoyed during my main course to the fullest. The Chicken was well cooked and the dauphinois potatoes were baked well in the oven with cream and acted an able counterpart to the tender chicken.

The Desserts – The first two desserts were good, being a teetotaler I found the Almond Layered cake spiked with Old Monk pretty decent from a non-drinker’s perspective and the layers came out beautifully in the final product. The Blueberry Cheesecake was again delicious with a lot of cheese and the pastry was moist and fluffy to give that feel good factor and I loved it !

The next two desserts were something that I personally didn’t fancy a lot. The Whiskey Pate had a pretty good presentation but from a non drinker’s perspective all it tasted like was bitter probably because of the Whiskey, I am not equipped enough to say whether it should have tasted like this or not so I’ll leave at that. The Lemon Mirangue Pie was a bit too tangy for my liking and I am sure provided that the feedback has been provided a little bit of fine tuning on the tangy quotient would definitely fix the issue for this one.

The Verdict – It’s a nice place to be and a fresh addition to the usual Pub feel of the places in KP. I liked the overall feel of the atmosphere and it was great to interact with their Corporate Chef Mr. Kedar and learn about his food journey and we both discovered our shared love for Biryani. Overall it’s a definite thumbs up for Indigo Deli and I look forward to taste more of their desserts and in house Ice-creams (I did taste some samples and they were great) in the next outing.

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