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No Galawati Kebabs available on 30th August, what are you up-to Riwayat !!

Rating – 4.5/5

With a heading like the above I am sure the haters and ranters jumped up in excitement for some masala stuff in this post ! I can definitely assure the reader here that there’s enough masala in this post but you can get the same only if you end up ordering from Riwayat 😉


While I am no authority on Awadhi food but since I hail from the same area it gives me a natural vantage point to gauge as to how the food should taste and look like compared to someone who doesn’t come from the same region so a little education towards Awadhi Food would go a long way to understand what is being ordered and how it would taste like.

BiryaniSo here we go, if you like your Biryani and Gravies full of spices when you taste then this isn’t the right cuisine for you. For Lucknawi food is full of spices but the food is usually cooked by putting these spices in a “Potli” which later is removed before serving ! What this process does is enthuse flavors and aroma into the preparations but the end result while tasting remains mild, a lot milder compared to the usual Bombay Biryani we get in Pune (white rice on top, masala at the bottom – not something I look forward to calling a Biryani to be honest).

Awadhi Gosht Biryani (Rs 349) – Therefore the Biryani from Riwayat comes in mild and subtle flavors with a mutton so tenderly cooked that you can eat the biryani with a plastic fork and not feel annoyed at all. Though my slight grudge was the fact that they have it in a version which is just too mild when I compare it to the Biryanis I used to have in Lucknow but boy if you like your Lucknow ki nazaakat waala food, you just can’t afford to miss it ! The quantity is sufficient for 1 person if you have a biryani diet like me where I just don’t like to share my biryani with anyone 🙂


Chowk ka Murgh (Rs 289) – With a gravy essentially made up of Onion Baristas, Poppy seeds and Cashew Paste this was one smooth silent killer with Boneless chicken pieces (around 5 medium sized ones) that went amazingly well with home cooked Paranthas. This is one gravy which would go great with Roomalis/Paranthas/Naans but not so much with Rice as sticking to their Lucknawi Riwayat this again is a mild yet thick Gravy preparation but one which is full of flavors and Aroma. I loved it and that’s saying a lot coming from a spicy food lover like me !

Galawati Kebabs (Rs.299) – Now comes the time to unveil why I gave a title like I gave for this review. When I placed the order on 30th August this was one item I so much looked forward to as trust me we don’t get good or bad Galawati Kebabs in Pune because we just don’t get Galawati Kebabs in Pune !! However as I had my first bite all I could taste was a sour flavor which had over-powered the rest of the preparation and all my hopes came crashing down with it. With a heavy heart somehow finished the meal but thought of letting them know about my feedback. I called and Swaty (one of the owners) took my call and as soon as I told her she immediately asked her cook to prepare a small morsel for her and in two minutes she confirmed that it indeed is sour and due to over exposure to papaya (which acts as a natural tenderizer) the preparation has suffered. Swaty offered her apologies and told me that she will not be taking any further orders of Kebabs for the day as she won’t be serving this to her customers and would be taking the item off from Zomato ordering as well for the day. Now that was something which came as a surprise to me and out of curiosity I did try on Zomato to see if it indeed is the case, attached are the screenshots for you as well.

Moving on it’s 31st August now and I get a call from Riwayat in the evening asking me if I am at home so that Galawati Kebabs prepared from a fresh stock can be delivered? I immediately said yes and the co-owner Danish himself was at my place to deliver the Kebabs which was such a sweet gesture from the owners and the next part was to dig in :


Such succulent and juicy kebabs this time were devoid of any sourness and hence I could just relive the old times with a special Awadhi Parantha to go with these kebabs and they were among the most delightful five minutes of gastronomic activity that I experienced in recent times, the only downside – my wife and daughter loved the kebabs too so with a heavy heart I had to let go two of the tenderpies while I ate faster than normal to gulp the other three.


Shahi Tukda – Coming back to the original meal on 30th August, we were also given a complimentary serving of Shahi Tukda with our meal which almost did it’s job except a couple of issues. The primary one being that it needs to be a bit more sweet than what it was due to bread absorbing most of the rabri during the commute and secondly the bread being not crunchy at all. On clarifying with Swati and expectedly so one would never be able to get a crunchy preparation on delivery and right now they don’t focus either to achieve that but from my tasting days my taste for Shahi Tukda is fixed so for me it was a decent preparation but not something which I would look forward to order in it’s current form.

The Verdict – Well from a first time experience with them which was a fantastic one that showcased not only their food but their commitment to not serve something mediocre to their customers only impressed me. While taste is something which is extremely subjective from person to person and no one can certify that this is the best place for Lucknawi food in Pune, I can very well certify that Riwayat definitely has its heart in the right place and they have got their priorities sorted which is customer satisfaction and nothing else ! I give them a huge thumbs up and whenever I am in a mood for some familiar food from my area I know where to call which incidentally is 9767807832. Mind you they’re a delivery only place and they deliver on their own within 7 KM radium of Viman Nagar and for greater distances they have a tie-up with Dial a Meal where Dial a Meal levy their own delivery charges over and above of the food charges from Riwayat. Happy ordering and eating !

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