Effingut Brewerkz, Kharadi – Pune

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A Teetotaller’s perspective of Effingut Kharadi !

Rating – 4.5/5

*An experience based on Launch, Tasting and one outing with Family.

So what do you do when you keep missing opportunities for visiting a place like Effingut, that too on tasting invites? One could say that you go on your own and have a good time but apart from tastings wherever I go I always go with my family. During all these years as Effingut moved from KP only outlet to Baner and now in Kharadi I always perceived it to be a place to be visited with friends only as it’s mostly famour for it’s Craft Beers which I don’t drink anyway so never visited them with Family.

OLED3733The Launch Party experience

The breakthrough in my rocky relationship came with their Kharadi Launch party, being closer to home I managed to attend it and the first impressions of food during the launch was good. As it is with launch parties it can get really crowded and sometimes you just don’t get to eat much but not at Effingut as despite the large gathering there were enough people deployed to keep the flow of starters running and some of them were really
good. The stand-up act by Mr.Atul Khatri and company was fun and it was one of the best launch parties I attended before I headed Home at 10 pm 😉 However it was enough for Effingut to create an impression.

FGNO9914Food Tasting invite experience
This was hosted by Sanika and largely the experience went well and I got to taste a range of their food including the best Mocktail I have ever had – Paradise Island, one of the spiciest chicken tikkas one would ever have – The Chicken Thecha Kebab and some dazzling desserts.

Family outing experience
This is where the time came to observe their Service which I wouldn’t say was lightening fast but was courteous and friendly nevertheless. In this outing we tried a Chinese dish, Thecha Kebab (again) and their Biryanis and we were not disappointed at all with Effingut as a family oriented place and Yes you can visit them even if you don’t drink.

Some observations :

1. Prices are not very Pocket friendly but the quantity is decent and for the experience that is on offer I don’t mind paying extra every now and then but definitely not every other day.

2. The good news is if you have a PEO Card you can get 33% to 20% discount based on the number of people you’re attending with.

3. Place offers both outdoor (smoking area) and indoor seating so if you’re here with kids, indoor seating should be the preferred seating choice.

4. Food is pretty decent and so far what I have tasted is definitely above average and some dishes are really outstanding.

5. Service and all the servers around especially one Mr. Suman were all courteous and are always on the look out to make Customers’ experience better which is a rarity these days !

For my take on individual preparations please continue to read on:

Paradise Island – The best Mocktail you can have here in my humble opinion in case you’re not into Craft Beers. It wasn’t too sweet and had almost the perfect combination of Strawberry & Litchi.

Blue Sea Mocktail – A decent yet mundane mocktail with a mix of Blue Curacao, sprite and soda.

FDGH2405Chicken Manchow Soup – My Daughter who doesn’t like Manchow Soup of any other place except from her favourite place immediately became a fan. A good item to order for kids > 6-7 years.

Veg Spring Rolls – These were as good as a Veg Spring Roll could ever get, it wasn’t oily and had enough stuffing to make it a filling bite.

Chicken Spring Rolls – This was among the best Chicken Spring rolls I had in a long time as usually I don’t order them owing to more veggies and less of Chicken bites. However this one came with an abundance of chicken was quite tasty as well.

Threaded Cottage Cheese – A new starter on the cards, for me the threads though were crunchy but became a little too much. The Paneer filling inside was tasty and the cottage cheese was melt in the mouth soft. A mixed bag sort of preparation for me.

Loaded BBQ Potatoes – Thick version of French Fries sprinkled with grated cheese and smothered by BBQ sauce. I found it a tad little sweet than what I would have liked but for folks who love their BBQ Sauce preparations this could be a very good option.

FYOW4389Murg Thecha Kebab – My favourite dish from the launch, tasting review and family outing. Chicken wasn’t exactly melt in the mouth but tender enough and that thecha marinade is so unique, chilly and gives you that kick for sure.

Mexican Veg Kathi Roll – Except the Mexican Roll Tag this preparation had everything going for it. Paneer Tikka Roll would have been a more appropriate with all it’s Indian Flavors and that tender cottage cheese doing the trick which was spiced to perfection.

Thecha Chicken Kathi Roll – The Thecha Kebab chicken morsels in another variant, this time in a Kathi Roll Avatar. For people who want to try the Thecha Kebab but can’t stand that much of chilly, this is a better option as the chilly quotient is toned down a bit in this preparation.

Golden Fried Prawns – A decent preparation with nothing outstanding about it but wasn’t bad either.

Quattro Formaggio Pizza – A decent preparation kissed with Barbeque Sauce giving it a slightly sweetish taste.

Mutton Biryani – This was one preparation that was spot on, though it wasn’t your traditional Dum Pukht Biryani but the Mutton pieces were tender and delicious. My only slight grudge was against the number of mutton chunks which were far and few in between however once it was brought to their notice the required action was taken promptly.

JWOJ0280Chicken Biryani – While not as grand as the Mutton Biryani (as usually is the case everywhere) this was still a decent preparation. Effingut do know how to make their Biryanis for sure.

Hefeweizen Banana Trifle – As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, with a generous sprinkling of their famous Hefeweizen Beer this one is tilted more towards the Beer loving desserts fans. For my taste I found it a decent preparation.

Hazelnut Cheese Cake – It was gooey, crunchy, Mousse like – all in one preparation, go for it if you like your desserts.

The Verdict – Apart from the lovely food there are events lined up during the evenings. I witnessed the Tuesday Pub Quiz in which our Table broke the record for winning the most number of Beer vouchers (8) in a single session. We were tied with another table and it was fun. While I was out with family on a Sunday, the Sunday Acoustics was fun as well with their Singer dishing out some fantastic Bollywood numbers. Overall it’s a nice place to spend that fun evening with friends and family and it’s a definite recommendation !

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